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Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

By Kate_miller

Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

Wild Asters in the New Mexico Backcountry.

 So, I had a birthday last week.
I like to celebrate birthdays once every 3 years (vs. annually) as I've discovered that makes growing older much more palatable. I'm surprised this hasn't caught on with more people because I've been 39 for like... forever. And, that's okay by me.

Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

Rabbit brush speckles the desert landscape.

 Do you know what's the very best thing about growing older? Yeah. Me, neither.
I suppose there are no 'best things' about growing old. Unless, of course, we're talkin' midlife crisis. Because those are a whole lotta fun.

Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

A+ for amazing effort? This pretty brush rooted itself in a small crack in the boulder.

This had to be the best birthday I've ever had. Because instead of sitting around home doing the same old thing I hightailed it down to central New Mexico. Where the sun is still shining and flowers are still blooming.

Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

We cantered our pretty ponies through some astonishing landscapes.

I went to Cowgirl Camp! Where I got to ride horses for 3 long, lovely days through the most breathtaking scenery.
√ Met some amazing women who, like me, firmly believe horses are the fountain of youth.
√ Pigged out at a wild west Dutch Oven cookout.
√ Partially conquered my fear of snakes:

And! I shot a real live pistol. A Colt something or other.
Didn't hit anything, didn't even come close. But I pulled the trigger. And, I only screamed a little bit because it was so loud. (I still don't understand why everyone laughed when I asked why they don't have a silencer on it. Apparently, I've been watching too many movies.)
Plus, I learned a very valuable lesson in life. With respect to that proverbial fountain of youth? Riding horses works... wrinkle creams do not.
Cowgirl Camps and the Fountain of Youth

"Repeat after me, Wendy, let's never grow old." ~ Peter Pan

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