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Court to Debate on Purim the Opening Cinema CIty in Jerusalem on Shabbos

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The opening of the new movie theater in Jerusalem has been a source of conflict between communities. The haredi community wanted it closed on Shabbos, some of the secular community wanted it to be open on Shabbos.. and in the end the mayor committed to keeping it closed. The new Cinema City recently opened, and sure enough it is closed on Shabbos.
Those who want it open appealed to the courts, claiming, among other things, that keeping it closed on Shabbos is religious coercion.
court to debate on Purim the opening Cinema CIty in Jerusalem on Shabbos
The haredi parties in Jerusalem's City Hall have requested to be added as respondents to the petition in order to argue about the holiness of Shabbos being trampled if they would allow the opening of the theater on Shabbos. The mayor allowed them to be added.
source: Mynet
Considering the Haredi narrative that they can't win in court because the court is anti-haredi, perhaps they would be better staying off the case and letting the others deal with it. Maybe they think the secular politicians won't really put up much of a fight and they will do a better job, but by joining they might be adding a dimension of anti which will work against them.
Interestingly, the Supreme Court was set to hear the case yesterday, but it has been delayed until Sunday, Purim (though not celebrated in Jerusalem until Shushan Purim on Monday) due to the passing of Justice Edmund Levy.
Rav Chaim Kanievsky asked if they should leave the case as is on Sunday or if they should request a delay due to Purim. Supposedly Rav Kanievsky responded that they should leave it as is on Sunday, as Purim is a day of salvation.
source: Kikar

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