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Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

By Attireclub @attireclub

Country music's biggest night, the Country Music Association awards show took place on November 4 th and rounded up many celebrities in a star-studded show that was watched by many on television.

Country stars are known not only for their music, but also for their specific Western style. Fashion and music are strongly connected, as they are both great ways to express yourself. Moreover, country stars have a look of their own both as a group and as individuals. When you are sporting a style that has such clear staples - jeans, suede jackets with fringe and cowboy hats - and that is so strongly associated with a type of music, it can sometimes be hard to make that style your own and, moreover, to translate it for a festive setting.

However, many of the men of the 2015 CMA Awards managed to take control over the country look and sported some good outfits on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, that reflected both their style and their musical direction.

Even though some went a little too literal, others made the best of their looks and delivered fashions that we'd like to see more of during other awards shows, to be honest.

Let's take a look at some men's outfits from the CMA Awards:

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Country singer Scotty McCreery wore a three-piece suit that was taken one step forward due to the jacket that featured a print. One can learn two things from his outfit:

One, that a bold print can be toned down if it features neutral colors (beige, khaki, brown, black, white, ivory, tan, gray) and

Two, that a man can style up a classic, conservative outfit by adding a printed piece that expresses his taste

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Singer Easton Corbin wore a dark red suit that featured a print. There were a few things we did like about his outfit, but there were a few we didn't like as well.

The elements that we liked were that he wore a print, color and shiny shoes and that he made great use of accessories: the tie pin worked great and was very country. Moreover, the dark pocket square was just enough not to go over the top.

What we didn't like was the color of his suit, even though we are guessing it just didn't photograph well. Also, such a shiny suit might have worked better with matte shoes, but, it is the country music scene after all, which is very colorful, so it does work.

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Garth Brooks wore classic awards ceremony attire - his simple two-piece suit is something we often see at red carpet events such as the Oscars and the Emmys, but he did wear it with a cowboy hat, making it more country. This was something we really liked: Garth showed that you can be classic and stylish while wearing a country hat.

What we didn't like so much was the fit of his clothes, which should have been a little more tailored to his body.

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Being on the same page with Scotty McCreery, Chase Bryant wore a printed jacket. His overall look was more relaxed than Scotty's, as his print was lighter and his shirt was open. What we really liked about his look was that the buttons of his shirt matched the aqua print of the jacket, which was a nice touch and a sign of paying attention to details. We also loved the fact that Chase wore brown shoes, which are more casual than black ones and go great with the a relaxed, yet stylish jacket.

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Granger Smith was one of our favorite celebrities from the red carpet, stylewise speaking. Granger (or his stylist) does know how to mix dressy and casual pieces and how to create a unique look. Wearing an evening jacket with jeans and a cap, accessorized with a rugged leather belt and rugged leather shoes, Granger offered country and evening style at the same time. Making such a mixed outfit work is not easy, but it can be done and Granger really pulled it off! Best dressed list!

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Pop star Justin Timberlake also wore a mixed outfit, which was quite OK, but it wasn't as good as Granger's. Justin wore a suit jacket, a dress shirt that he left untucked, a pair of jeans and a pair of distressed leather boots. The reason why Granger's look worked best was because it was more honest to begin with and because the dressy and casual pieces were mixed, while Justin visually cut himself in half: the upper part was the dressy one and the lower part was the casual, country boy part. The whole outfit felt a little forced and costumy and gave us a sense that Justin was trying too hard to be a country boy.

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Preston Brust and Chris Lucas also mixed elements in their outfits. While Preston was overall more casual, due to his dressy jacket in a casual material, Chris showed that you can wear a white jacket, which is a pretty dressy item to begin with and dress it down for a more relaxed look, by pairing it with an open shirt, a hat and a cool pair of jeans.

Country and Stylish: The Men from the 2015 CMA Awards

Dierks Bentley wore a classic suit, but the casual pattern of his shirt made it less dressy. It wasn't the best look and it wasn't the worst. However, it is a good sartorial lesson that teaches everyone that you can dress a suit up or down; depending on the occasion and vibe you want to give. However, if you decide to wear a suit with a casual shirt, you need to wear pieces that fit impeccably (that are tailored by a professional), as otherwise, the outfit can turn into a hot mess.

This year's CMA Awards came as a great surprise, sartorially speaking. We really loved the colorful outfits worn by America's country stars, the mixes between casual and dressy, even though some had their faults, and the overall originality of the outfits worn by these men. This is what style is all about.

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