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Cougar Town, Red Widow, Real Housewives, The Voice and I'm STILL Not Caught Up! Not Even Close!

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Cougar Town, Red Widow, Real Housewives, The Voice and I'm STILL not caught up! Not even close!

The answer to Tuesday's Trivia Question: The Robin Sherbastsky and the Minnesota Tidal Wave were the two cocktails in Monday's How I Met Your Mother FIRST FIVES:Neil Moffatt, Monica Caraffa, Crystal Kyler, Heather Doyle & Alison Accarino

Honorable Mention: Christine Clarke

Sunday's Cable Top 5 The Walking Dead-AMC 5.4/10.9
The Bible-History 2.7/10.2
The Talking Dead-AMC 2.2/4.4
NCAA Basketball-TBS 1.5/3.8
NCAA Basketball-TNT 1.5/3.7
Monday's Broadcast Top 5
The Voice-NBC 4.7/13.3
2 Broke Girls-CBS 2.9/8.5
Revolution-NBC 2.7/7.2
How I Met Your Mother-CBS 2.7/6.8
Mike & Molly-CBS 2.6/8.6
Monday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
The Voice-NBC 694,729
The Following-FOX 182,488
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 137,121
How I Met Your Mother-CBS 79,917
Revolution-NBC 67,286
Monday's Cable Top 5
Teen Mom 2-MTV 1.5/2.5
Bates Motel-A&E 1.3/2.8
Storage Wars-A&E 1.1/3.1
Real Housewives Beverly Hills-Bravo 1.0/2.2 
Monday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 WWE Monday Night Raw NBA Basketball-NBA TV 236,658 Bates Motel-A&E 97,503 Dancing with the Stars-ABC 137,121 Love & Hip Hop-VH1 88,673
Cougar Town
Mrs. Partridge, aka Shirley Jones alert!  Shirley and her hubby (not Ruben Kincaid) were hanging out with the gang teaching  them all, the great benefits of being old. This included glasses you wear around your neck, the early bird special, going to bed when it's still light out, and jazzy scooters.  Wow! Shirley looked amazing for 78 (she looked amazing for 58!).  Still no real kiss between Trav and Laurie, even when she did win the Penny Can championship for Trav's team. Bobby's still with Riggs and proved he'd do anything for her by carrying snakes in his cargo shorts. I love a guy that would do that for me! Lots of wine, lots of cleavage, Tom's still not invited in the house and this week not even Grayson went to work.  I really don't think these guys make any money at all...nobody works. 
Red Widow Marta Petrov rules.  She can go from wearing a wire and making deals with Russian gun runners to walking in on her son doin his girlfriend in his room, dealing with him doing drugs and still remember to bring in Boris's show and tell stuff and have his friends out for a boat ride. Now that's a kick ass Mom. The best part about the boat ride was that Marta found the missing coke...anchored underneath! This changes EVERYTHING! I don't think that Marta and I trust anyone on the show at all. Not Mike, not her Dad, not her bro, not Schiller, not the feds and definitely not the Russian gun chick. I'm not even sure she can now trust her sister since she was making out with Ramos in the car after cooking dinner for her new hubby in her undies.  Of course Natalia saw it all happen.These kids totally need therapy. Marta had to get naked to prove to Schiller that she can be trusted. Nice rack Marta! Not sure if stripping down gave Schiller the confidence he needed, but the show needs ratings so if anything, she proved something to her bosses at ABC.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Well, the finale of Real Housewives was satisfying for me.  Ken and Lisa's vow renewal party was in full swing and you know what that means...FIGHT!  You had Yolanda,Marissa, Brandi and the evil Faye Resnick.  I have no idea where Faye gets off butting into every ones conversations, fueling every ones fires and just getting into peoples business.  I can't stand her.  The most bizarre thing about the finale was Adrienne Maloof's appearance.  Apparently the housewives had no clue about her and Paul separating.  I really have absolutely no idea why Adrienne showed up at Lisa and Ken's house at all.  She was a mess, she seemed sedated, she didn't speak to Lisa or Ken.  They didn't speak to her either.  She basically came for the camera time and then left. WTF was that about? She didn't show up at the reunion and she isn't coming back to the show next season.  During the reunion the woman were shocked by this news. I think Bravo should sue her! Andy tricked us all into thinking that Adrienne's replacement was LeAnn Rimes and that she was going to come out onto the set.  But he was just joking.  Good one Andy.  Part 2 next week promises more tears, more screaming and the husbands! 

The Voice

I was still smiling and feeling good about the first night of The Voice when last nights episode started. I really don't care that much about finding the actual VOICE. I admit it, I just love the judges.  How cute was Shakira with her English to Country dictionary?  I need more shots of Usher's big red sneakers, I probably spent a good 10 minutes looking on the Internet for info about them.  Midas Whale wasn't my thing, Katya was pretty decent even though I didn't have a clue what she was singing and Sara Simmons was incredible. I still love and want The Voice chairs, but now, I want them with the judges in them, that way when I'm having a bad day, Adam can come and give me a hug and tell me "it's okay".  


My son screwed with my DVR...I missed it.  Hopefully ABC will rerun it over the weekend or I'll catch it online.
-Good news Pretty Little Liars fans, not only has a 5th season been announced, but a spin-off's coming too! The spin-off is called Ravenswood and will center on a town not far from Rosewood (just to confuse everyone)  which has suffered a deadly curse for years and years. 5 strangers find themselves connected by the fatal curse and need to dig into the towns history. Sounds a bit like Secret Circle no?  As long as there are cute teenagers involved, I'm sure it'll do just fine with the PLL fans.
-I've gotta assume that Jay-Z had something to do with the big news that this years MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th (I'll be on vacation on LBI then) will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  I'm thrilled they'll be back in NY and really happy for Brooklyn. It's a good thing that most people will arrive via limo or mass transit, because parking's tough at the Barclay, so plan accordingly.
-More fun times over at the Moonves breakfast table.  I think it went like this, "Morning Jules" "Morning hon" "Did I tell you the TV Guide deal closed yesterday?" "You didn't babe, but I read about it on Twitter." "Lionsgate didn't want to part with the other half?" "Can you pass the fruit?" You know how I like to imagine the Chen/Moonves mornings...anyway, the TV Guide network is in 80 million homes.  CBS is buying the non Lionsgate half from JP Morgan Chase.  The deal includes TVGuide.com too.  There's talk of rebranding the network as TVGN, but that's not finalized.  Congrat's Les! (and Julie!)
-Apparently there have been 36.6 million live video stream on The March Madness Live app and 10 million hours of live video viewed during week one of the tournament. This is just about double from last year.   -Big Dancing with the Stars news. Dorothy Hamill had to bow out as per doctors orders. She apparently has a cyst on her spine. So this week she spared one of the other dancers from going home.  Hope alls okay with DH!
-If you've always been DYING to advertise on the Sundance Channel...you're wish is coming true in the Fall.  Sundance wants to be more of a "playa" in the cable world and want to really get the word out there about their new show Rectify.  Good Luck Sundance.  I'm rooting for ya!
-Yeah for Robin Roberts! Along with recovering from her illness and getting back to work on GMA, she will be honored at this years ESPY awards with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on July 17th.  If anyone deserves that award, this year, it's Robin Roberts.  Congrats!
Wednesday's Trivia Question: Who is Andy (played by Ian Gomez) from Cougar Town married to in real life? 5 point bonus if you can tell me another TV series that Ian's appeared in. (There have been a few)
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