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Cops Start Fight At JFK Memorial At Behest Of DHS Agents - Alex Jones Punched! (Video)

Posted on the 22 November 2013 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos

By Susan Duclos

Wearechange publishes the video of cops starting a fight at the JFK 50TH memorial, shown in the first video.

Via the Alex Jones channel, Anthony Gucciardi captured the aftermath of the brutal attack on peaceful protesters Dallas Sheriff Officers directed by federal DHS agents (2nd video).

Via Inforwars:

The barricades were opened and almost out of nowhere, police marched through and forcefully pushed protesters back, with several being violently assaulted, including radio host Alex Jones who was punched in the stomach. 
The police were working on behalf of the Sheriff’s office and also appeared to have been coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security. 
Regular police who appeared largely friendly before the incident began seemed surprised when the black-clad Sheriff’s cops arrived to instigate the violence. 
Alex Jones immediately vowed to file lawsuits against both Dallas authorities and individual police officers who took part in the assault.

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