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Considering Proper Sleep Gear for Cold Weather Travel

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
Picture A good friend of mine is visiting Norway this week and upon preparing, he asked for my advice on a cold weather blanket, as it is still winter there and he will be in the north of the country. So, I thought it might be prudent to offer a few words on the subject here as well.
Picture Having a high quality blanket included as part of your supplies for any similar trip is important. That’s even truer if the temperatures are frigid, as it can take a man only moments to die in that sort of environment if he is ill prepared. When I tour mountains in the winter, I pack a specific tent and sleeping bag, and yes, a particular blanket. I look for gear that will provide me with the optimum protection and ease of use, because traveling through snow is no joke, and neither is negative degree temperatures.
There are tents for cold weather, of course, but a good tent is perhaps my least concern, because having a negative temp sleeping bag can help you weather the worst of blizzards. Mummy style sleeping bags are the best for keeping body heat in and loss of heat to a minimum. If this is something you’re looking to invest in, buy a good one, and buy a down bag.
As far as blankets go, there are few choices that rival the 100% wool blankets of Pendleton and Woolrich. For me, there’s no better investment than that of a solid Pendleton. They may very well be the warmest blankets on the market, and if you have an authentic Pendleton, you know you are in good hands (or wool, for that matter). Pendleton wool blankets are thick and made at the highest quality. They provide the user with a premier safety from heat loss.
The fine folks over at Indian Traders provided me with the opportunity to try out one of the famed Pendleton wool blankets; the Rocky Mountain National Park blanket, made at Pendleton Woolen Mills in Portland, Oregon. The Rocky Mountain edition is a limited edition style, celebrating the natural beauty of the Colorado park, with colors ranging from soft green, white, light to navy blue, tan and yellow. There’s nothing like snuggling up to a brand new Pendleton, and that’s no sales pitch; these are my own words and I would never lead my readers astray. If your upcoming travels take you to extreme colds, then considering the proper blanket can go a long way to ensuring your survival, as well as comfort.
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(Main photo by jixxer​ via Flickr)
Article written by Brandon Scott / Eye & Pen

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