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Congress Has Yet to Pass Any Deal That Averts the “fiscal Cliff”

Posted on the 24 December 2012 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Speaker John Boehner and President Barack ObamaWith only 8 days left before the country goes over the proverbial “fiscal cliff” many Americans are left wondering why our elected officials can’t even get a short-term deal done.  As I have said before, our political leaders do not understand the meaning of the word “compromise” and have thus allowed their gargantuan egos to supersede the needs of the country.  Unfortunately, unless their entitlements are in jeopardy they won’t feel the pressure to swiftly act. 

The Wall Street has chronicled the “negotiations” (if you can even call them that) between Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama.  The part I found the funniest is when Speaker Boehner says to the president: “I’m giving you 800 billion in new revenue (i.e. tax increases).  What do I get?”  President Obama replies: “You get nothing.  I get that for free.”  Well that’s a great way to bargain Mr. President.  President Obama knows that one way or another the tax rates for the top 2% of taxpayers is going to go up next year.  Let me explain.  If a deal isn’t reached by year-end then everyone’s taxes will go up.  The markets will tank and the president will propose a bill that lowers taxes for 98% of taxpayers.  Republicans will know that they will not be able to not support such a bill and expect to ever be reelected again.  Therefore, the president is using this as leverage in the negotiations.

Speaker Boehner, who from my account is maybe one of the more reasonable GOP members, can’t even get his congregation to pass his backup plan (Plan B).  Republicans know taxes have to go up on the top 2%.  There is no way around it.  But instead of offering a plan that proposed that from the beginning they’ve allowed the Democratic Party to once again control the media narrative.  In recent polls, most Americans will blame Republicans if their taxes go up.

Congress and President Obama are on vacation.  I saw a reporter on Saturday state that the president flew to Hawaii to be with his family during the Christmas break.  The reporter also said the president didn’t waste any time to get to the golf course.  I understand that it is traditional that Congress works pretty much part-time during the year, but is it really too hard for us to expect them to get their job done?  And why exactly do they get a winter recess?  They aren’t in school and they aren’t teachers.  Last time I checked millions of Americans are working on Christmas Eve (myself included), Christmas and every other day during the holidays.  Why do they get a free pass?

I’ll tell you why.  It’s simply because we don’t really care.  We say we do.  But when it comes time to hold them accountable during election time, we choose not to.

Do you honestly think a deal will get done in time?

And if a deal isn’t passed on time, who would you blame? (I’d blame everyone)

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