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Congrats to Andy the Most Annoying, Poorly Dressed Winner of Big Brother EVER

Posted on the 19 September 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

It's EMMY WEEK PEOPLE!!!! Please take time to vote for Best Actor and Actress in both the Comedy and Drama categories. I'll announce the winners next week after the real winners are revealed next Sunday nights!  Congrats to Andy the Most Annoying, Poorly Dressed Winner of Big Brother EVER

The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: In 20 years ago, in 1993 Seinfeld won the Emmy for Best Comedy FIRST FIVES: Lillian Doremus, John Amy, Tom Murray, Phyllis DiCesare, & Karen Perry  Honorable Mention: Helen Morales
Tuesday's Broadcast Top 5
New Girl-FOX 2.9/5.5

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Premiere-FOX 2.5/6.0
America's Got Talent-NBC 2.4/10.9
Dads Premiere-FOX 2.1/5.5
The Mindy Project-FOX 1.9/3.9
Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
America's Got Talent-NBC 132,765
New Girl-FOX 109,420
The Mindy Project-FOX 55,603
Brooklyn Nine-Nine-FOX 44,406
The Million Second Quiz-NBC 32,662
Tuesday's Cable Top 5 
Sons of Anarchy-FX 2.5/4.6 Yeah Baby! 
Tosh.o-Comedy Central 1.4/2.2
Amish Mafia-Discovery 1.1/2.7
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.0/2.2
Face Off-Syfy .9/1.8 Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 Sons of Anarchy-FX 110,659
The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 81,448
Piers Morgan Live-CNN 58,046
Suits-USA 56,938
I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding-Bravo 28,493

Big Brother Bullets-Season Finale :(

  • Julie Chen went for the supersize beehive on finale night
  • Spazzy Spencer went SPLAT and was first to drop during the first HOH challenge
  • Next out...Andy. I was happy about that one
  • GinaMarie choking on the glitter after winning...that was just plain funny
  • Andy complained about everything being sore which made me complain about his complaining...I really can't stand hearing him anymore.
  • UGHHH ANDY vs. GM in the finals 
  • The bowtie had to go
  • GinaMarie had to pee...her mic was on during Spencer's exit interview and we could hear her freaking out about it...should have done that before the broadcast GM
  • McCrae left that stupid bandana on his head finale night. I thought it was an in the house thing...guess not
  • Biggest obstacle for GinaMarie was Nick being evicted? UGH
  • Andy was really strong during the jury grilling didn't realize how well he played the game until he spewed out his story
  • I LOVE DR. WILL he needs his own show
  • GinaMarie...she's only her...the best GinaMarie she can possibly be
  • Caught Helen lying...she told us during the show that a lot of her tears were fake and then lied last night saying they were real
  • 500% increase in fan voting...that's impressive
  • And this years winner of Big Brother is...ANDY...WHATEVER!  Great Summer
  • Did you see Nick and GM hug for an awkward amount of time? How's Nick going to get rid of her now? 
  • 25K to Elissa for America's favorite houseguest I wanted Helen to get the dough, but she didn't even land in the top 3
  • I had a great Big Brother Summer even though the cast sucked...Grodner, DeMol...get started NOW you owe us an amazing cast next year!
The reason that Survivor has been on for 27 seasons is because Jeff Probst and the producers have continued to keep everything we love about the show (especially Jeff's shirts) and the game and add fun twists and turns along the way. We all knew that this season was family members playing against each other, but we didn't know that they didn't know it until they got on the island.  They were stunned.  That was cool twist #1. Cool twist #2: Before the tribes went to their beaches to set up camp someone from each tribe had to be voted out. Rupert's wife Laura and Candice, a returning player were both voted out BUT Cool twist #3 they didn't leave the island, the went to Redemption Island. Cool twist #4, their loved ones could take their place. So...Rupert replaced his wife and went with Candice to Redemption Island.  Candice's husband stayed put and he felt guilty about it and cried at Tribal Council. There are a few returning players I honestly don't remember and one of them was a winner. Damn getting old sucks. I've seen every single episode of Survivor and have no memory at all of Aras, Monica or Laura.  Colton the meanest most horrible player ever was back with his fiance and said he's changed. I was buying it for a minute, but then during the immunity challenge we saw the old Colton come through so who knows what the deal is with him.  The newbies have a cool waterfall nearby so that's fun for them. The first reward/immunity challenge was a typical Survivor challenge. Swim, untie a boat, paddle back, do a puzzle done. Can you believe that Gervais STILL can't swim? 13 years after the first time he played and the swimming issue has yet to be addressed. Really? The returners won the challenge. The Mom's kicked their daughter's butts at the puzzle challenge. Couple of back stories of interest. Laura's daughter was a teen mom. 16 and pregnant, but now she's married and has another kid with the husband. Aras's brother is an ex junkie who spent time in prison.  Marissa, Gervais's niece was sent to Redemption Island. Interesting to hear the strategy now that the loved one factor is in play.  Who you vote off does affect both tribes. Did anyone understand Brad's finger counting/alliance exercise? I don't even think Brad did.  It's Fall guys...AC's off, new shows are on and I'm not sad about Summer anymore.  Oh...note to CBS...the live sync app didn't work for me last night.

According to another super cool Nielsen report, Netflix is still the most popular streaming service out there.  Lots of other interesting facts in this one:
  • 38% of people in the US use Netflix as their streaming service up from 31% in 2012
  • 18% use Hulu. Up from 12% in 2012
  • 13% use Amazon. Up from 7% in 2012 - that's a BIG JUMP
  • 38% of consumers have used Red Box
  • 58% of those surveyed preferred to view shows after they have aired and watch multiple episodes in a row (that'd be me)
  • 40% of Netflix users access programs via computers which is down from 48% in 2012
  • 43% of Hulu users watch shows on their computers which is down from 61% in 2012
  • Users are watching shows on mobile phones and Internet-connected TV's more than ever.The number of Netflix users watching content on smartphones has doubled to 23% in 2013 and Hulu users increased from 10 to 17%
  • The number of subscribers watching Internet connected TVs rose fom 12 to 17% for Netflix users and 9 to 14% for Hulu users
-Kenichi Ebina won America's Got Talent. I didn't watch at all. I sort of feel guilty because it's the first time I didn't support Howard Stern, but he talked about the show SO much on the air that I didn't really need to. This guy Kenichi is some sort of innovative dance dude and Howard thought he'd win and he did. Sorry Howard, I just couldn't do it this time, but I love you anyway...hope you don't hold it against me.
-Unless you're living under a rock somewhere, you probably know that Modern Family is launching on USA in syndication on 9/24.  I mean they've doing everything they can to remind us to watch. They paid so much to get the show, we better watch, right?  Anyway, I like this idea...Starting this week die-hard MOFY's (which stands for Make Our Family Yours) can hook up at www.mofynation.com to interact, share favorite scenes and personal moments. Fans will be encouraged to upload testimonials inspired by the series and could have them end up on the air. Cute right?
-Hopefully you guys are all watching Breaking Bad live on Sunday night, but if you aren't make sure you add time to your DVR. The final 2 episodes of Breaking Bad have been extended to 75 minutes each. Yeah...more Breaking Bad...every extra second is appreciated and a gift from Vince Gilligan and the cast to all of us! Thanks Vince!
-Bravo's hosting a 10 year reunion for the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cast. Not sure people miss them all that much that a reunion is required, but okay, it could be fun. I'm not sure I know what Kyan Douglas is doing these days, so I'll probably check it out in October when it airs.  Depends what else I got goin on that day though.  Soon as I have a date I'll load it on the list to the right.
-One thing I will be watching is the Bonnie & Clyde mini series starring Emile Hirsch. I love him, have you ever seen Into the Wild? SO good! Anyway, when B&C airs on December 8th and 9th, it will be REALLY easy to find because all of the A&E Nets will be running it simultaneously.  They must think they have a winner here if there putting it EVERYWHERE!  Hope so, Emile needs a hit, he's super cute and way under rated.
-More big legal issues for the nets and their distributors...this one was ABC and Dish who are still at it over the AutoHop device. ABC lost, but their about to start negotiations with Dish since their current deal expires at the end of the month. So all you Dish people could be without Dancing with the Stars pretty soon.  Get an antenna from Radio Shack right now!
-More content options for you to know about...this one is courtesy of YouTube. They'll now offer an option for you to download clips from their site to your tablet or smartphone. That's pretty cool and a smart move. 
Thursday's Trivia Question: In 2003 an NBC Drama won the Emmy. The show starred such stars as: Rob Lowe, Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney who happen to all be on Primetime Comedies this year! 
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