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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

He sits in a convoy
Wheels of time.
looking back to the eternity
He watches his journey of serenity .

Once again the time took
him to place where he started from.
The heart feels the same,
and so do his stars scream.

Once again he was forged
in a booby trap of relations.
With no one around
and all the trust demeaned.

He thinks he lost the battle again,
But the saintly figure there described to him
You are in the sanctom turn of life.
Where u didn’t loose but won.

You won maturity and the powers to heal
Now u don’t get back stabbed
Because falling trust doesn’t abide your soul.
Here today u stand as an uncounqured king.

Yes u were teared apart
But ur tears became ur weapon.
Yes today you stand alone
but soon u will sit on the throne with hand in hand to your queen.

But to reach the throne
you will have to pass the last pledge untold.
You are strong but still ur feelings abide untold.
I order you to profess ur love to ur queen.

King left his throne and armour
Because serene were the power and caged was the soul
He still was scared to tell
Hereby he clear his mirror once again that showed him how he became the Saint.

-Amber Reyansh Mishra

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