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Companions of the Holy Prophet Agreed on the Death of Jesus

By Kashifqdn @kashifqdn

It is said that for 1300 years nobody but we could spot the truth about the death of Jesus. All the doctors and teachers of Islam remained ignorant of it. The suggestion is that the consensus of early Muslims does not favour the view which we teach on the subject. But those, who indulge in this sarcasm, forget that the first exponents of Islam are the Companions of the Holy Prophet. The Companions first expounded the beliefs and practices of Islam to others. Then these others became the teachers of Islam, spreading to parts of the world. Now, as far as the Companions are concerned, they are at one in teaching what we think today about Jesus. And could they have taught anything else? Could they have taught a belief derogatory to the Holy Prophet? Not only are the Companions at one with us; but the first formal affirmation on which the Companions of the Holy Prophet collectively resolved themselves was the truth of the death of Jesus.
The first Ijma of the Companions set its seal on his death. For, in the recorded Traditions we find that when the Holy Prophet died, the Companions became stupefied with grief. They could not move. Nor utter a
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