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Commentary: A Salmon’s Incredible Journey Through Edmonds and How You Can Help – My Edmonds News

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

Commentary: A salmon’s incredible journey through Edmonds and how you can help – My Edmonds News“In downtown Edmonds, many residents have creeks running through their yards. Trickling down from natural springs in the earth, they all lead to the Puget Sound. These creeks do much to improve the beauty of a homeowner’s property, but as Edmonds resident Jenny Anttila found out recently, they can prove valuable in other ways, too. Last fall, while clearing debris away from the rebar installed at the end of the stretch of Shellabarger Creek that runs through her yard on its way to the Edmonds Marsh and, ultimately, Puget Sound, Jenny was startled to find a fish trapped among the leaves. The rebar had done its job of preventing leaves from clogging the culvert into which the stream feeds, but in doing so it had inadvertently put an end to this fish’s upstream journey. Jenny touched the fish, surprised to find it was still alive, but it slithered from her hands and into the creek, its tail thrashing audibly against the sides of the culvert as it slipped back downstream.”


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