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Comment on Women’s Fashion and Versace; The Story of Triumph and Tragedy by Cheri T.

By Quirky Girl @QuirkyGirlz_com

While I often talk about jewelry, necklaces, earrings and bracelets; today I want to share with you a tale of women’s fashion, Gianni Versace and his story of triumph and tragedy. Fashion is fun and I am always interested in the people who set the fashion world on fire. Today, I thought I would share with you a movie I recently watched about Versace, a famous name in fashion.

Gianni Versace photo

Gianni Versace

I couldn’t help but watch the movie “House of Versace,” yes I was intrigued.  I remembered when Gianni was killed but just hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to the details of the tragedy.   It wasn’t long after that when Princess Dianna died as well.  That event could not be ignored, so Gianni faded into history for most people.  The movie made me curious about some of the facts surrounding the story, and the people who are still prominent in the fashion world today.

Gianni Versace started his company in 1978.  “Sales took off” and he became an instant hit.  This is the kind of fame that many fashion designers can only dream of.   A young man who learned sewing from his mother, and later used his talent to build a vast multi-billion dollar company. I wonder if his father, an investment banker for the Italian government, may have helped him along the way.

The company thrived, as his brother handled the finances and his sister Donatella helped him with fashion and public relations. I kept a close eye throughout the movie to see what kind of jewelry they portrayed Donatella as wearing. I noticed that they never had her wearing a necklace and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was true to her nature. They showed her wearing big gaudy sparkling rings; diamond encrusted watches, and bracelets that were all bling. They were all living the good life when Gianni Versace was tragically murdered.

Here is a link to a bling bracelet example:

On July 15th 1991 Andrew Cunanan, a 28-year-old “American Spree Killer”, walked up behind Gianni as he was entering his home and shot him in the back of the head. He also killed four other people before pointing his friend’s pistol  (friend and first victim, Jeff Trail that is) in his mouth and pulling the trigger in the second floor of a Miami houseboat.

The company struggled greatly after Gianni’s death as Donatella struggled to grapple the empire her brother left behind. The movie chronicles her struggles to include alcohol and drug use and the isolation of her children and family.

Donatella overcame her challenges and has brought the company and the name back to its glory days. If you have the opportunity you should watch the movie “The House of Versace”, it is a really interesting story.

Have you seen the movie? Are you a fan of Versace fashion? I would love to hear your comments.

Till next time,

Quirky Girl

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