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By Quirky Girl @QuirkyGirlz_com

It’s true, I confess, I am a Quirky Girl and I love quirky handmade jewelry! Quirky is a term you will find often if you do an Internet search, but it is rarely defined. I have been asked often “What does it mean to be a Quirky Girl?” You may think this is an odd question if you were not aware that I am a jewelry designer and owner of

I suppose quirky could be explained in many ways. I will try my best to define it, but you must realize that a Quirky Girl cannot be put into a box. Each Quirky Girl will have her own wonderful qualities!

A Quirky Girl is often unpredictable, someone who may see life differently than others. For instance, in naming my company I chose to use QuirkyGirlz because I felt my customers would be those who would seek the unordinary, for instance they may choose a handmade item over a mechanically, factory-produced one. They may seek out a one-of-a-kind item to help them accessorize in a more personalized way. My customer would appreciate the quality and wearable aspect of the art.

A Quirky Girl could be shy, and seek other ways to make herself unique and shine. It may be a girl or woman who defines herself as being offbeat, not always interested in trends and mass media or marketing ideas on how she should accessorize.

A Quirky Girl is proud of being the person that she is, and doesn’t care to change herself to please others. She doesn’t care to look ordinary or strive to look exactly like everyone else.

A Quirky Girl might see the world differently, and take the time to stop and smell the roses, appreciate art and the beauty around her. Her thoughts and ideas might be more on the cutting edge, and she would not be afraid to express them.

A Quirky Girl may enjoy an unusual hobby, love old movies, have unique music interests, dress with a vintage flair, relish in the unique or just enjoy being passionate about life. She will often be open to new ideas and full of creativity.

A Quirky Girl is often independent and might be described as a free-thinker, is terribly clever and love everything about nature. She would not necessarily have to be a girl, but will be forever young.

How would you define a Quirky Girl, I look forward to your comments!

Until next time,

Photo Quirky Necklace

A Quirky Necklace Design.

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Sponge coral necklace, a quirky design from

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