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Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s

By Glamourdaze @GlamourdazeBlog

A colorful insight to the 1940s –

Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s---B-Anthony-Stewart

Stunning photo of two young women relaxing on the Cliffs of Dover – circa 1944 – photo © B-Anthony-Stewart

These luscious color photographs of women in the 1940s reside in the National Geographic Creative website where you can license high resolution images. Glamourdaze honed in on two staff photographers whose stunning color images of young women taken in America and Great Britain during the 1940 war years evoke a real authentic image of the era. They could have been snapped yesterday.

-HColor Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s - Hamphire-England--B.-ANTHONY-STEWART

Outside a typical English pub in Hampshire England. Photo © B Anthony Stewart

Color Photos of War Era Women in the 1940s England - J-Baylor-Roberts

Two women and child on their way home from local grocery – Cheltenham in Glouchestershire – photo © Jay Baylor Roberts


Permanent-wave-home-styling-at-home—circa-1940s—Saint-Paul,-Minnesota—Photo © B-Anthony-Stewart

B Anthony Stewart, who hailed from Virginia was a master of composition and is now considered one of the greatest of National Geographic  portrait photographers .My personal favorite is the iconic image of two young women relaxing above the Cliffs of Dover in England.
Jay Baylor Roberts, a former Marine, was chief photographer for both the Washington Post and New York Times before joining the National Geographic in the 1930s. His images evoked a similar US pride to the artwork of Norman Rockwell but with a more photo journalist style.


Carnival Queens-Saint-Paul-Minnesota- Photo © B-Anthony-Stewart

This author has a personal collection of National Geographic stretching back to the 1920s. They are my pride and joy. “Life in Color” was the ethos of this magazine. Over the decades we are invited through a looking glass in to another world and era and the quality of the color photography and printing in particular makes this possible.


1940s-woman—Santa-Catalina-Island—1944 – © B Anthony Stewart



Students from George-Washington-University – circa 1944—photo ©B-Anthony-Stewart

Color photos of 1940s women Young Nebraskan farm worker - circa 1944 -

Young Nebraskan farm worker – circa 1944 – photo © B Anthony Stewart

Color photos of 1940s women - hosiery and stockings

Young worker at Davenport hosiery mills doing quality checks on colorful pairs of stockings – circa 1944 – © Jay Baylor Roberts

Two-college-girls-in-South-Dakota-1943---Jay Baylor Roberts

Two-college-girls-in-South-Dakota – circa 1945 – photo ©Jay Baylor Roberts


1940s girls – Springfield,-Massachusetts-1940s- ®B-Anthony-Stewart

That’s all !
©Glamourdaze 2017
Images ©National Geographic

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