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Colm O'Gorman on Wuerl as Keynote Speaker in World Meeting of Families: Will Speak on "Welfare of the Family is Decisive for the Future of the World"

Posted on the 18 August 2018 by William Lindsey @wdlindsy
Read this. This man reappointed known serial child abusers to ministry. Cardinal Wuerl will give the keynote address in the RDS at 2.30pm next Wednesday afternoon, on “The Welfare of the Family is Decisive for the Future of the World”. #Stand4Truth— Colm O'Gorman (@Colmogorman) August 18, 2018

Colm O'Gorman, executive director of Amnesty International Ireland, comments this morning on what the Pennsylvania report tells us about Cardinal Wuerl, and about Wuerl's upcoming address on the "welfare of the family" at the World meeting of Families. He also reminds us of who made Wuerl a cardinal — Benedict XVI, who had previously headed the CDF, to which all cases of clerical sexual abuse are required by church law to be reported. So that Benedict had full knowledge of what Wuerl had covered up when he made Wuerl a cardinal:
Now consider @Pontifex role in all of this. Past and present. Wuerl was made a cardinal by Benedict XVI. That Pope had previously headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. That #Vatican Dept had full knowledge of the #Pennsylvania abuse cases #Stand4Truth— Colm O'Gorman (@Colmogorman) August 18, 2018

Church rules require that ALL cases of allegations of clergy abusing children must be reported to the CDF & that it has “exclusive competence” to decide how they should be handled.The #Vatican literally had ALL the evidence upon which the Grand Jury based it’s report #Stand4Truth— Colm O'Gorman (@Colmogorman) August 18, 2018

The evidence of Wuerl having returned known paedophile priests, and of a clerical paedophile ring operating within his diocese, was gathered from documents held in Diocesan archives. They were Church records. #Stand4Truth— Colm O'Gorman (@Colmogorman) August 18, 2018

And despite this the last @Pontifex who had headed #Vatican Dept with “exclusive competence” for deciding how such cases were to be handled appointed Wuerl a cardinal. He knowingly elevated a Bishop who had done this to a Cardinal #Stand4Truth— Colm O'Gorman (@Colmogorman) August 18, 2018

For Colm O'Gorman's poignant, painful letter to Pope Francis about having been raped by a priest soon after Saint John Paul the Great came to Ireland and stated, "Young people of Ireland, I love you!," see here (and here). This was the same Saint John Paul the Great who made Wuerl a bishop. As historians will note, in the papacies of Saint John Paul the Great (who protected the notorious predator Marcial Maciel) and Benedict XVI, gay people were relentlessly attacked and gay priests were identified as the problem causing the criminal activities of priests raping minors and prelates covering up that rape.

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