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College Girl Wants to Have Sex with Her Professor

Posted on the 12 September 2015 by Calvinthedog

I realize that professors are not supposed to have sex with their students, and I am not opposed to rules forbidding them from doing so. There are also rules forbidding schoolteachers from having sex with their students even if the girls is over 18, and I am ok with those rules too.

What I object to is the Feminist Scum argument that if a schoolteacher has sex with his 18 year old student, he “took advantage” of her. Bullshit. These girls throw themselves at teachers. They want to do this. Nobody’s taking advantage of anybody a lot of the time.

Similar with college professors. As you can see in this video, this college girl is dying to screw her professor. I don’t think he should do that, and I would not object to rules forbidding him from doing so. But the idea that the professor would be “taking advantage” of this poor adult female is insane. She’s throwing herself at this guy. She wants to do it. If it happened, no one would be taking advantage of anyone.

However, one good argument you could make would be that it would not be fair to the other female students if this girl had sex with her professor. She would more or less be fucking herself to an automatic A no matter the quality of her work, while the other females in the class would have to be judged on their work alone, not on their work + their sexual skills. If the feminists would like to make that argument, I would agree with them.

Feminists go on and on about power differentials. Guess what, feminist retards? Power differentials are an essential aspect of sex in our modern world. They have probably also been an essential aspect of sex in the premodern world. Females are power-fuckers. They like to have sex with powerful males. Obviously, every time they do so, there is a “power differential,” you feminist idiots. You morons going to ban sex every time there’s a power differential?

In fact this aspect of females is so common that I would even advise men to take advantage of the power differential anytime you can legally do so. I have done this. At my age, any time I date a woman in her mid to late 20’s (which I have done in the past several years) I can assure you that there is a massive power differential going on there, if only because of my age. That may well be part of the reason she is going for me. So what? Is there something awful about this?

Feminists don’t live in the real world. They live in some bullshit fantasy world that doesn’t even exist.

Fuck the feminists.

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