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Collecting: 200,000 Bugs for Ever Person on the Planet | The Columbian

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby
Bugs in our backyard | The Columbian:

Photo detail

Photo by Troy Wayrynen / The Columbian
Tiger moths have vibrant colors and are common in Clark County.
They like to feed on weedy plants like dandelions.

"Sondergaard’s fascination with bugs ranges far beyond the standard bees and mosquitoes flying through Clark County’s neighborhoods.
His interest helped him get jobs as a technician for the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He’s currently unemployed, and is still considered an amateur collector and not an entomologist because he doesn’t work in academia.
“He’s one of the most impressive collectors and amateur naturalists I’ve seen,” Campbell said of Sondergaard. What fascinates Sondergaard most about the tiny — and not so tiny — creatures is that there are just so many of them to learn about and categorize.
“It’s easy to find something new,” he said. “You just grab a net, sweep through the grass and you find all sorts of species that you’ve never seen before.”"
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