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Clinique For Men Range // My Husband's Skin Care Routine (words I Never Thought I'd Say)

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
I don't know about other beauty-lovin ladies but for a long time, I have been palming off products I don't like to my husband. These products are not very effective and not the least bit comfortable {in my opinion, at least} and chances are, even my husband gets too lazy or annoyed to use them and they just sit, bored, in the bathroom until they get chucked.
My husband, in general, does not bother to look after his skin. At the most, he might just sneak a use of some of my products {which I protectively warn him not to at times}. Lately though, I don't think he has to steal mine anymore as he has been loving his new Clinique For Men products.
I have to admit that I did sneak in a couple of uses here and there as I was really intrigued since we have never ever had great quality, decent men's skin products in our household, ever.
As my husband does a lot of rough, dirty work around the house {we're in the midst of renovations}, he always ends up with a lot of dirt on his face and over time, clogged up pores and blackheads. I also recently urged him to use a facial scrub as his pores looked a lot enlarged with all the regular clogging of dirt {to which he obviously just rolled his eyes and went yada yada yada}. He also has combination-dry skin.
Clinique For Men Range // My Husband's Skin Care Routine (words I never thought I'd say)
Clinique For Men Range // My Husband's Skin Care Routine (words I never thought I'd say)
Well, even my husband has had heaps of praise for the Clinique Face Scrub. This scrub gets off the dead skin flakes, excess oil and surface dirt. Upon his first use, my husband described it as "very sandy like a beach". I have to agree {and secretly admit that I have been enjoying using it}. It is a lot coarser than the usual scrubs I use and the exfoliation beads are very, very pronounced - which I suppose is great for male skin, like my husband's especially, that is exposed to a lot of dirt. Even though I am used to the gentler facial scrubs, I have to say I don't find this Clinique Face Scrub uncomfortable at all - in fact, it scrubs up really well and leaves the face feeling very clean and refreshed. There is also a minty tinge to it that is really refreshing.
The Clinique Face Wash is another big hit with my husband. This one lathers up so easily yet is not drying at all. My husband was very impressed with how it leaves a really hydrating and smooth 'layer' over the face after rinsing. With this face wash, a little goes a very long way. The formula is a very nourishing gel-like texture that leans towards more watery than thick - another thing my husband likes about it as it is very gentle on his sensitive skin.
To top off the very comfortable Clinique cleansing process, my husband uses the New Clinique Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion is supposed to help "control oil for a matte, shine-free look". It provides oil-free hydration and is very soothing - my husband uses it for other things as well such as soothing his sun burnt skin recently. This lotion is slightly yellowish with a thick formulation that spreads really easily and smoothly. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly, contains skin strengthening ingredients and does not feel oily or leave any obvious residue. I am pretty impressed with this lotion myself actually!
Clinique For Men Range // My Husband's Skin Care Routine (words I never thought I'd say)
All Clinique products are also allergy-tested and 100% fragrance free.
Overall, my husband and I both really see the improvement in his skin. His pores are much cleaner and less obvious, blackheads have been reduced and especially since he has sensitive skin, these products have really allowed for smoother and easier shaving for him. These Clinique products are also so comfortable to use - it is honestly the first time I have seen my husband use skin care products daily {and without my encouraging him to}.
PS: The Clinique Men's line has just been relaunched last month as Clinique For Men. There are some new products added and many best sellers have been reduced in price as well {some at 30%-40% price reduction in a larger size}. If you're looking for quality skin care for men, this one fully gets my husband's and my mark of approval! My husband never had any interest in skin care but I know he really likes this range now so this will be my go-to brand for him for future special occasions!

Clinique For Men Face Scrub (100ml) retails at $40.
Clinique For Men Face Wash (200ml) at $22 and the New Clinique For Men Moisturizing Lotion  (100ml) for $39.
These products have been sent to me for this review. However, opinions stated here for genuine and uninfluenced!

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