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Client News: New Hair & Body Wash Launched by Incognito

Posted on the 19 May 2011 by Iangreen @GREENComms

Ahead of the busy holiday season incognito has launched a new hair and body wash that helps make you invisible to irritating insects.
The hair and body wash, which forms part of incognito’s range of natural mosquito and insect repellents, helps keep bugs at bay and can be used by all the family.
It contains organic Java citronella, only grown on the island of Java, which is great at keeping insects away as they have not built a tolerance to this variety of citronella – unlike the common garden variety of citronella.
The new hair and body wash, which retails at £6.99, has been formulated to provide a base protection against insects and mosquitoes as most ordinary shampoos and shower gels can actually attract insects. The 100 per cent natural hair and body wash cleans, refreshes and protects you from top to toe and has a great fragrance.
The new wash is free from all detergents and chemicals, including DEET, and active natural ingredients include tea tree oil, organic java citronella, neem, euphresia. Other ingredients include Korean ginseng, nettle, calendula and jojoba, which offer antiseptic properties as well as keeping insects away.
incognito founder Howard Carter said: “The scent from some shampoos and shower gels can actually attract insects such as mosquitoes, to you – which is why we have developed this product which stops insects from detecting you – in effect making you invisible to them.
“When combined with our spray the hair and body wash will ensure that even those most prone to insect bites will have an unprecedented level of protection from insect bites when holidaying at home or abroad.
“The new wash, like all our products, is made from natural ingredients as concerns have been raised about the toxicity of chemical-based repellents such as DEET which are a health hazard, especially for children and pregnant women.”
incognito products have been shown to be effective against all 3,000 species of mosquito and other biting and stinging insects. The incognito repellent spray is the only product approved by UK Trading Standards as ‘clinically proven to protect against malaria’.
Other products in the incognito range include toiletries such as a luxury loofah soap, soaps, after sun cream, mosquito nets, incense sticks and essential oil organic Java citronella oil.
incognito hair and body wash and is available from Whole Foods, J Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic and selected independent health shops or direct from their website along with entire range.

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