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Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation, Welcome To The Congregation Album Review

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation, Welcome To The Congregation Album Review

It's official, Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation have welcomed us all to their rock and roll revival on the new album, Welcome To The Congregation.

The award-winning member of The Road Hammers (the most successful band in Canadian country music history) has jumped into rock with both feet and all of his heart. Those of us who have been watching him on stage over the last decade and a half aren't surprised to know that he rocks, we've seen it. But to sit down and hear a full 13 song, 45-minute expression of rock and roll storytelling and energy and expression does feel like a revelatory experience.

The enthusiasm and passion and effort that he's been putting into country for all this time translates perfectly into Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation. It's no stretch. None of it feels like an experiment gone wrong. There's no gimmick here, just rock and roll.

If you want the Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation, Welcome To The Congregation album review in 12 words, here ya go...

It's a rock and roll big tent revival roaring through the speakers!

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"Born out of the belly of the South in the blackest swamp in the Delta. Baptized in Rock n Roll and bathed in the Truth. Covered in the Holy Spirit and Voodoo magic. Raised to do one thing and one thing only, deliver the good news of Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll and raise up the people of the world to join the Congregation..." - the Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation bio via Facebook.

Last fall we had the chance to sit down and talk to Clayton about the new project and music after the release of the album's debut single, Commandment #1 (Love Someone). It was clear in that chat that he was excited for this record to get out to the world. It's a new vibe, a new sound, and a path for him, and we dig it. The song was on the charts, new opportunities were presenting themselves, and Clayton Bellamy was excited about the music. And now that the whole album is here, we hope he's just as excited.

What this isn't is a cliché sex, drugs, and rock and roll record. In his own words, this whole thing came from the mantra "cover everything in love". And it does that. The themes of love and peace and coming together can be found throughout the album from Welcome To The Congregation to the Resistorz remix. But that doesn't mean that the songs on the album don't rock. They do. From front to back and top to bottom. Even when things slow down on One Thing Right and The Healing, you can hear the rock and roll in the background.

With pianos, choral backing vocals, rock and roll guitars, and a whole lot more, there's nothing basic or boring about Welcome To The Congregation. Put on songs like Rocks and Superlove and The Devil I Know and allow yourself to rock out. Let the music and energy and power wash over you.

If you're looking for some rock and roll that wants to make you feel good, this is it. If you're looking for an album to put on because you want to shake your ass like you've never been shook before, Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation have got you covered. If you want to dive into a new album from a man who has a love for music and what it can do and be, we invite you to hit play on Welcome To The Congregation now and enjoy!

Welcome To The Congregation Tracklist

Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation, Welcome To The Congregation Album Review

Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation, Welcome To The Congregation Album Review

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