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Clay Court Season Begins in Monte Carlo

By A B
Clay Court Season Begins in Monte Carlo
So, the back-to-back Indian Wells and Miami events took a lot out of me—yes, I did in fact watch the tournaments from my couch—and so I needed a little tennis break before I could focus on the clay court season. Which basically means that I missed the start of the Monte Carlo tournament and am only starting to pay attention to match results now.
The most exciting thing about Monte Carlo for me is waiting to see if Nadal can win the event for the eighth time in a row. THE EIGHTH TIME IN A ROW. It's actually pretty ridiculous.
Nadal has been having knee issues as of late, so who knows what will happen, but I think it's really important for him to win this event so he has some confidence going into the rest of the clay court season. I just realized how stupid it sounds for me to say that Nadal needs confidence going into his favorite part of the year, but if he can't win all (or at least most) of these upcoming clay events then he might have some trouble at the French Open. After all, Djokovic really really wants that trophy.

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