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Chuck Wade - Roswell NM - July 4th 1947

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
for years, I've been ADAMANT that a) alien craft or UFOs are just military test flights and b) alien abductions are just military tests of clever drugs/gases and rendition techniques to PUT INFO IN.
Maybe I should have 'stuck to my guns' but (despite all the UFO crap I've heard here and there over the years) this Project Camelot video from 2011 is just like a determined fox terrier that won't let go; I have to share it on Free Planet - just in case.
I hate that I've actually posted this, but it does (appear to) lend CREDENCE to 'all the technological advances' we see today: namely, fiber optics, computer chips, materials tech, nanotech. I'm almost in tears, wondering when You The People are just gonna raid those NEED TO KNOW archives and finish this debate once and for all.

not only is interviewee Chuck Wade suggesting that RADAR CAN DOWN UFOS but (imho) the 'small craft' in which live aliens were found, somewhat down range of the crash site, MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ESCAPE POD.

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