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Christmas Gifts for Rowers Part II – Women Rowers

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver

I hope you don’t think it’s sexist to post different gift guides for male and female rowers, but our approach to kit and caboodle – at my club at least – does seem to be quite different. I’ve never, for example, seen a woman rower stripping down to her knickers to row because she’d forgotten her kit. And I’m fairly certain none of the men carry their stuff down to the river in an adorable fabric handbag (admittedly women rowers at other clubs don’t either, but hey).

Of course, guys, if you want to buy anything from this list for yourselves, go right ahead and kit yourselves out (especially if the alternative is rowing in your pants). I will have a gift guide just for you coming soon, though.

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1. Bridget all-in-one, from Queen B Athletics, €72, currently reduced to €54.

At some point all rowers have to come to terms with lycra, but there’s no need for it to be hideous (except when racing if you’re unlucky enough to have a club with, ahem, unfortunate kit). This all-in-one is cute as a button and I love the cross-over back. This is an Irish company, hence the prices being in euros, but the delivery charges aren’t outlandish. Check out their leggings, too – they’re quite high on my wish list.

2. WEHoRR mug, from Rock the Boat, £7

It’s long, it’s tough, it’s incredibly painful, and only women can do it. No, not childbirth – the Women’s Head, aka WEHoRR. Celebrate her all-round hard-woman status with a mug. The only downside is that it will remind her that it’s less than three months away. Yikes!

3. 2 in 1 bag 25l, from New Wave, from £60

Why so expensive? Well, it’s super-practical and could solve a lot of event-kit-problems. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ended up with soggy kit as the rain soaked up through my bag. It doubles up as a rucksack – handy when you have to carry wellies, a fold-up seat and a bottle of water as well – and has a bag-within-a-bag. The bottom and insides are made of polymer and it’s washable. It’s available in various sizes, from 25l to 75l.

4. Gel seat pad, from Crewroom, £25

If she’s ever even mentioned the Boston marathon, or if she rows long distances, this will make her happy. Cleverly, it uses a memory gel so will mold to her (shapely) behind and gives cushioning that traditional pads can’t really promise. Even more cleverly, it floats.

5. Rowing Varsity Hoodie, from Square Blades, royal blue or midnight grey, £45

Hug-a-hoodie? You’ll want to if she’s wearing this cuddly number. After a winter outing, who wouldn’t want to wear this? It’s not cheap, but hey, it’s Christmas. And it’s got a pouch pocket with concealed iPod/rigger jigger and phone pocket.

With this little lot you’ll have earned yourself a whole year’s worth of happiness. Enjoy the glow.

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