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ChristieBridge - 'bridge' Being the New Term for Dirty Politica Scandals

Posted on the 09 January 2014 by Doggone
So now the feds are investigating.
A woman died, in part, because of the inability of emergency responders to get to her assistance.  There were three other incidents where no one died, but emergency responders were blocked by gridlock from arriving.
What does Christie do?
He throws his staffers under the bus.
It is hardly likely that Christie was unaware of this kind of actions by his staff.  So, he throws a few staffers and appointees under the bus.  About as unlikely as Nixon being unaware of the more serious dirty tricks done on his behalf.
What troubles me is that there are indications that this is not the ONLY instance where mayors were in fear of retaliation, not exactly like this, but similarly damaging and petty.
Christie appears to be the kind of guy, who, like Nixon, keeps enemies lists.

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