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Christianity is Not What You Are Trying to Make It out to Be

By Apostolate Of The Divine Heart @DivineHeartGod

Christianity is not what you are trying to make it out to be“Arrest him/her!”

“Attention Patriots!”

“Demand action!”


These are just a tiny fraction of the calls coming out of the mouths of many Christians – in particular, nationalist-minded White Christians and Catholics – in the United States of America at present; a nation that used to pride itself on the greatness of its heart and its Judeo-Christian heritage as the order of the land. But Christianity is neither what you think it is, nor what you are trying to make it out to be, as Jesus Christ became incarnate to bring love, not hate, to a suffering world and the above samples of calls are nothing but examples of hate and/or incitements to hatred. Restoration, true life, and love have zero relationship to hatred.

By their fruits you shall know them (Mt 7:16).

Christianity has never been, nor is, neither will ever be about the dehumanization and scapegoating of the other – in particular, the disagreeing or the non-White other, as God has granted free will to every human person. Violence in any way, shape, or form, and weapons are never the answer; never! Neither is attempting to restore Christianity as the order of the land through the end of a legislative barrel. God does not act like that; neither should the People of God.

Look at how much they love each other (Tertullian).

When self-identifying Christians and Catholics act or speak in the above-referenced manner, it should be noted that this is not genuine Christianity by any means, no matter what these persons may write or say that they profess. That such individuals tend to do so under the name of Christianity, under the name of Catholicism, makes it even more of an abomination! Only a perversion of Christianity can produce such statements, such declarations, such calls, in accordance with the darkest desires of their hearts, not genuine Christianity that is illuminated by the Spirit of God.

Peace, love, charity, and unity do not return to the land until We, the People – both left and right; Christians, Catholics, and non-Christians – return to God with sincere repentance in our hearts, because only Him Who Is Peace can grant true peace to the land and to the world, not any political statements and actions purportedly carried out in His Name.

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