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Chris Christie Calls the NRA Reprehensible - Farago Disagrees

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Mikeb302000

Click here to see the NRA ad that led the Garden State Governor to destroy his chances of  becoming President of the United States.
Those are the words of Robert Farago, who apparently thinks himself quite the prescient political prognosticator.
Here's my comment responding to the commenters who, shockingly, were all in agreement:
You guys are crazy if you think that hurt his future politically. Only the fringiest among you refuse to get what he’s saying. That leaves the vast majority of gun owners and even NRA members agreeing.
The thing I don’t agree with is that the NRA has real issues to discuss. It doesn’t, hence the dirty tactics. Refusing to budge on background checks and gun availability issues puts them and you on the margins of the debate. You’re not nearly as numerous or as influential as you think.

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