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Choosing the Right Yogurt for a Tasty and Healthy Dessert

By Sandikar

Most of us prefer to have a dessert each day after dinner or lunch, which often contains more calorie than any other food items. Yogurt is a healthy dessert which is tasty at the same time contains less calorie. But in order to gain proper benefit out of it, it is important to check the nutrition value of the yogurt while purchasing.

Reading the label of Yogurt containers

Yogurts are now easily available in number of health stores. But it is important to choose the one good for your health. If the label reads that it contains active yogurt culture it means that it still contains bacterial culture in it. Check whether they are stabilized with gelatin or starch then it will have no positive impact on the health.

Whole milk yogurt should contain 3.25 % – 4% butterfat but the amount it varies. If you are figure conscious and looking from low calorie dessert than have yogurts made from skimmed milk which generally contains 0.5% -2 % of butterfat.

If you are suffering from diabetes than choose yogurt those label reads “lite” or “light ” which indicates that the yogurt has been sweetened with aspartame rather than natural sweetener. Apart from these certain label also says certified organic, sundae-style yogurt, blended yogurt etc. So choose the right yogurt based on your preference and make your dessert more healthy and tasty.

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