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Choose Your Own Free Books - 10,000+ Free Books

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Kindle E-reader - Black, 6 inch Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special OffersIn the past, I have been posting on our Facebook fan page, offering to find free books in their favorite category. here is a list of the all the free books I found!
Is your favorite category not listed here?
Post your favorite reading category in the comments below. I will do a search and in a day or so, I will post a list of up to 100 free books in your category!
The Canadian and UK Amazon now have lists of free books too - I will have to update my lists!
Free books for Canadian readers
Free books for UK readers

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Free Crafts for Children ebooks
Free Children's Arts and Music eBooks
Free Children - Baby to 3 ebooks
Free Children - Ages 4-8 ebooks
Free Children - Ages 9-12 ebooks
Free Teen eBooks
Free Children's Christian ebooks
Free Children's Jewish Fiction ebooks
Free Fiction ebooks
Free Christian Fiction ebooks
Free Amish Fiction ebooks
Free Historical Fiction ebooks
Free Drama ebooks
Free Medical Fiction ebooks
Free Science Fiction ebooks
Free Gay/Lesbian Fiction ebooks
Free Women's Fiction ebooks
Free Westerns ebooks
Free Inspirational Fiction ebooks
Free Comic Fiction ebooks
Free Comedy ebooks
Free Christian Fiction ebooks
Free Christianity ebooks
Free Catholicism ebooks
Free Amish Christianity ebooks
Free Amish Fiction ebooks
Free Christian Fiction ebooks
New Age Religion and Spirituality ebooks
• Free Church History ebooks
Free Mystery ebooks
Free Religious Mysteries ebooks
Free Suspense ebooks
Free Thriller ebooks
Free Suspense Thrillers ebooks
Free Christian Suspense ebooks
Free Hard-Boiled Mysteries ebooks
Free Romantic Suspense ebooks
Free True Crime ebooks
Free Crime and Criminals ebooks
Free Police Procedurals ebooks
Free Forensic ebooks
Free Horror ebooks
Free Horror Anthologies ebooks
Books by Stephen King
Free Occult/Horror Fiction ebooks
Free Paranormal Fantasy ebooks
Free Fantasy ebooks
Free Urban Fantasy ebooks
Free Dark Fantasy Horror ebooks
Free Dystopian Science Fiction ebooks
Free Zombie ebooks
Free Vampire Romance ebooks
Free African History eBooks
Free African American history eBooks
Free African American Romance ebooks
Free African American Romance ebooks
Free Romance ebooks
Free Christian Romance ebooks
Free Contemporary Romance ebooks
Free Historical Romance ebooks
Free Christian Historical Romance ebooks
Free Western Romance ebooks
Free Paranormal Romance ebooks
Free Romance ebooks
Free Romantic Suspense ebooks
Free Romantic Comedy ebooks
Free Chick Lit ebooks
Free Vampire Romance ebooks
Free Special Diet Cooking ebooks
Free Diabetic and Sugar-Free Cooking ebooks
Free Special Cooking Appliances ebooks
Free Baking ebooks
Free Cooking ebooks
Free Quick and Easy Cooking ebooks
Free Exercise and Training eBooks
Free Exercise and Fitness ebooks
Free Small Business and Entrepreneurship ebooks
Free Reference ebooks
Free Business and Investing ebooks
Free Home Based Small Businesses ebooks
Free Self-Help eBooks
Free Psychology and Counseling ebooks
Free Alternative Medicine ebooks
Free Midwest Regional Gardening ebooks
Free Gardening and Horticulture ebooks
Free Parenting ebooks
Free Knitting ebooks
Free Crafts and Hobbies ebooks
Free Quilts and Quilting ebooks
Free Crafts for Children ebooks
Free Children's Arts and Music eBooks
Free Sewing ebooks
Free Jewelery Making ebooks
Free How-to and Home Improvement ebooks
Free Homesteading books
TFree Cleaning, Caretaking and Relocating How-to ebooks
Free Interior Design ebooks
Free Home Design ebooks
Free Psychology and Counseling ebooks
Free Military History ebooks
Free Military Science ebooks
Free Biographies and Memoirs ebooks
Free True Accounts ebooks
Free Genealogy ebooks
Free Animal Care and Pets ebooks
Free Veterinary Medicine ebooks
Free Photography ebooks
Free Beauty and Fashion ebooks
Free Arts and Architecture ebooks
Sorry, not all categories will have 100 free books listed, but I do my best to find as many as I can...

NOTE - If any of the above links are not working or the freebies or coupons no longer available, please post a blog comment below and I'll edit it!

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