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Chinese Language News Cultural Bridge of U.S. and China

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Learn Chinese: Asia Society building

Asia Society building, Manhattan, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week the NCLC still pull towards its contribution of dignitaries with some of the most important people in the nation including Chuck Hagel the former Senator of the United States, Ambassador John D. Negroponte and other primary Chinese officials who are in charge the sector of education such as Director General of Hanban, Madamme Xu Lin the Vice Minister, the United States Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui.

These mentioned VIPs come in unity as advocates of structuring a cultural bridge between 2 countries: U.S. and China. A big chance for young people to learn Chinese language to acquire a major moment in one of the world’s leading countries- the United States of America.

Seeing the fact that one-fifth in the world speaks Mandarin, and there are over 1.3 billion inhabitants speak Chinese language as a whole, this results the Chinese language to be well acknowledge as the 2nd  most premier business lingo of the globe, made known with Bloomberg Media.

So, no matter what your native language may be, you can take advantage to learn Chinese language and make it your own way to prosper your career in countries that accepted it. Now, across the U.S. ample of Chinese programs are being offered, and foreseeing the year 2025, they calculated the number of Chinese people who are English-speaking that will surpass the quantity of local English speakers.

Now, the College Board in particular has seen the development of AP Chinese, in which the learners taking the AP Chinese has even increasing twice its number ever sine this program started, from 3,261 students (2008) to 7,970 (2011). As a matter of fact, from 2008 to 2011 this becomes the highest growing AP program. Our challenge and our goal is to keep this progress going, while maintaining the highest level of academic rigor for all students.

Currently, progress yourself and your dreams to study English abroad and Chinese through understanding Chinese language and China’s prosperous history for this is a great positive feature to students in America.

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