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Chime For Change by Gucci | Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Review

By Yongwei318
Gucci Chime for Change Gucci Guilty
About Chime for Change
Founded by Gucci in 2013, CHIME FOR CHANGE raises funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s rights globally. Co-founded by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, actor Salma Hayek Pinault and singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, the campaign aims to unite the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world, promoting the key pillars of Education, Health and Justice.
Every purchase of participating Gucci fragrances allows you to help improve the lives of girls and women. Participating Gucci fragrances include Flora by Gucci, Gucci Guilty pour Femme and Gucci pour Homme, Gucci Premiere and Gucci Made To Measure.
Gucci Chime for Change
Each Chime For Change Gucci fragrance set comes with a unique voucher code which can be used to provide 2 days of education, daily nourishment and primary healthcare for a student in Kenya, tetanus vaccines for two pregnant mothers and their unborn children in Cambodia or a trained paralegal to woman denied legal rights in India to complete and process critical paperwork so she can obtain the title to her family land.
To activate the donation and choose education, health or justice project, go to
1) Click on 'Enter your code'
gucci chime for change choose how
2) Enter your code
gucci chime for change enter your code
3) Choose a cause - education, health or justice
gucci chime for change choose a cause
For me, I selected education because I strongly believe in gender equality and that girls and women should be educated in order to fight for their own rights.
gucci chime for change selected education
Here's what the faces of Gucci have to say about Chime for Change.
“I am very excited that Gucci is giving back, not only through CHIME FOR CHANGE, but also through Gucci Première. I want to get involved in causes I believe in, and I know so many others that want to also get involved, but it’s hard to know how. Often, it’s through big organizations and you don’t know exactly where your money is going or what effect you are having. With CHIME FOR CHANGE, you can really see the difference you’re making.” - Blake Lively, face of Gucci Première

“I think it’s great that CHIME FOR CHANGE and Gucci fragrances have teamed up. Obviously as a woman it’s a cause that hits very close to home. Not only women should support this, but everyone. I think part of the point of the campaign is to not treat people differently because they are a man or a woman, but to treat people like they are human beings and with equality. Everyone deserves the same kind of opportunities and treatment.” - Actor Evan Rachel Wood, face of Gucci Guilty

gucci guilty pour femme review
My thoughts:
Prior to Gucci Guilty, the other Gucci fragrance that I own is Gucci Envy Me which was a hit back when I was in college. I remember back then, every girl owns either a bottle of Gucci Envy Me or Lancome Miracle and some of us would bring it to school on days when we have PE lessons and spray on some after showering just to smell more girly. Man, those were the days I tell you!
I find the packaging of Gucci Guilty rather classy and minimalistic. When sprayed, the scent of Gucci Guilty is quite strong initially but it settles down to something more acceptable. Gucci Guilty has a subtle peach scent to it with a slight hint of spiciness which reminds me of my Burberry Touch for Women EDP that smells very sophisticated. Personally, I think that Gucci Guilty is suitable for work or business meetings.
In terms of staying power, Gucci Guilty lasts for a good 3-4 hours before requiring a respray. I usually have my travel perfume atomizer filled with my 'fragrance-of-the-moment' so that I can touch up after lunch or after work. 
Do you girls layer different scents on top of each other or do you touch up with the same fragrance? Do let me know for I will love to hear from you!
Price list:

Flora by Gucci EDT 75ml $168

Gucci Guilty pour Femme EDT 50ml $115
Gucci Guilty pour Homme EDT 90ml $138
Gucci Première EDP 75ml $202
Gucci Made To Measure EDT 90ml $144
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