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Chicks Doing It Big X 2: Women Remind Us That They Are The Worst Drivers, Period.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
July 22, 2014

Meet Prionda Hill from Indiana who claims God told her to let go of the wheel while driving.

via Fort Wayne Police

via Fort Wayne Police

Via Daily MailAn Indiana woman was arrested last week after she ran over a motorcyclist, fled the scene and told cops that God told her to let him take the wheel.  Prionda Hill, 25, of Fort Wayne, mowed down Anthony Oliveri, 47, and his motorcycle July 11 just before 10.00 p.m., police said.  She was driving and out of nowhere God told her that he would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let him take it,’ police claim she told them.

Now meet a 54 year old woman from Georgia who let her car knock her over and then run her over.  Apparently she forgot to put the car in park.

Just kidding, this one's fake.

Just kidding, this one’s fake.

Via Boston GlobeA 54-year-old woman is in serious but stable condition after she was rolled over by her own car in a hotel parking garage in Waltham this morning, officials said.  Waltham police and firefighters arrived shortly after 8 a.m. at the Westin Hotel on 3rd Avenue after reports of a traffic accident, said Waltham Police Detective Sergeant Joe Guigno.  It appeared “she was checking to see how far she was from the wall and somehow she ended up underneath the car,” Guigno said. Police are “still investigating that part of it,” he said, though he affirmed that police were treating this as an accident.

See, we might as well just stop letting women drive all together.  I mean what’s going to happen next?  You’ve got one woman blaming god and the other one can’t remember to put the car in park (a basic function of driving.)  At this point I’m terrified to walk down the street knowing there’s some woman out there who might get a call from the big man upstairs and decide she’s going to put the car in some kind of Anchorman 2 cruise control.  Screw this shit.

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