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Chicks Doing It Big Again: Basketball Player Shoots At Wrong Hoop And Both Teams Forget What Side They’re On

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
July 10, 2014

Girls doing it big per usual.  Just unable to even keep track of what hoop their shooting at.  And I’m not talking about a one time mix up, I’m talking both teams just start playing on opposite sides of the court.  Thank god the quarter was almost over or who knows what would have happened.  You know you recognized it right away?  The MALE coach on the sideline.  Yeah he realized it, threw up his hands and then watched as the ladies on court made a clusterfuck of the situation.


Got to hand it to them though, they went hard.  A+ for effort, F for understanding how to play sports or act like normal human beings.

PS, Debo, if you read this, everyone makes mistakes right?

Via Barstool.

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