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Chez Dewey in the 17th: Very Pleasant on the Palate and Pocketbook.

By Johntalbott

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5.0 Chez Dewey, 48, rue Dulong in the 17th, (Metro: hummm, maybe Rome or Malesherbes, easier is the 31 Bus) open 7/7 but brunch on weekends is a nifty, spiffy new place in the happening 17th that looks and advertises itself as your neighborhood cantine but with fresh products.  The name Dewey is not from my childhood comics of Huey, Dewey and Louie but apparently an American TV series that escaped my attention and instead of the three Ducks we have Rémy, Ludmilla et Sandy running the show here.  The decor is retro-cool (old doors covering old stones and the ceiling) and post-cool (lettering on one wall).

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The regular lunch menu items were not all that exciting, but they had a dozen "things du jour" and I went with three of them:
- the soupe du jour - a blend of lentils and mushrooms which was quite pleasant with the multi-grain bread (which should have been warmed)
- the peche du jour - 6 gambas which when eaten with the cheesy risotto and spicy rocket were quite pleasant, and
- the dessert du jour - a soup of strawberries and bananas, again very pleasant.

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A bill for a couple taking 2 "menus" of 19 E x2=39 E + a bottle of wine, no bottled water but two coffees which come with 3 M&M's labelled Chez Dewey, would be 69 E, which is maybe why the place was packed, I mean really packed, with SRO at the counter.  Cute soap label eh?

Go?  Hummm.  Well you won't hear any pesky fellow Yankees but you won't hear the locals either d/t the awful, blaring Yankee music (82.8 dB).  They're trying though, let's see what happens.

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