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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

Far away in the mystique land

When the sea shores went ablaze.

The warrior saw the beauty in CHERUB

Dressed with simplicity and smile on her face.


The girl with fuzzy hair

But yet so mysteries inclined in them.

The eyes said everything

But every truth were mysteries set in place.


The heart which was open for all

Good or bad she greeted them all.

She may not feel the glances with acquaintances

But she had a soft corner for each earthling.


She was someone who could urge

You to chase the moon.

The moon so bright that

Everyone would fall for her so soon.


Confessions and contentions kept in mind,

The stories that went by were so inclined.

If the warrior carried a heart

He would lose it to her.


Don’t be outbound as the spell;

Will remain incomplete ?

The chirps of freedom will be his or not

Will the TITANIC sail and will complete?

-Amber Reyansh Mishra

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