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Cherub Again

By Colloquial Wordsmiths

The CHERUB that came back from the timeline
Intrigued the quantum solace of the warrior;
Kneeled down in the astro space of love
He bowed in confession.


The confessions that could
Fire up the space of the moments that could bind.
Shrining the arrows by the hair
From her fleek starry shine.


The most beautiful girl
That he ever saw with smile in her heart.
Beautiful from within the chores
of the emotions and pokers on the face.


The one who could make up her own
Kingdom in her mind and rule that world.
The princess who beholds the
The ivory of making the world special to her the one.


Making the world the auspicious
Journey for the warrior
Who never led a life of happiness
But had only regrets and offshore.


He wishes the CHERUB to come
To his life and own him like no one did.
But will she ?
The princess who could choose any .


The life will shrug
Or will it blossom with love of fullfillness
Will he complete?
Or the chain of his failures and incomplete continue.


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