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Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: What is the Success Rate in India

Posted on the 15 January 2018 by Anan Adisa

Breast Cancer :

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: What is the Success Rate in India Cancer is one of the most invasive types of Cancer affecting women across the globe. It is a malignant tumour – a compilation of Cancer cells, starting from the cells located in the breast.

Some of the many risks factors that make women more vulnerable to Breast Cancer.

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • A history of Breast Cancer
  • Dense Breast Tissue
  • Exposure to Estrogen's and breast feeding
  • Excess body weight
  • Reckless lifestyle
The above mentioned risk factors augment the chances of Breast Cancer leading to the occurrence of many types of Breast Cancer.
  • Ductal Carcinoma – Starts in the milk duct
  • Lobular Carcinoma – This originates in the lobules
  • Invasive Breast Cancer – This is when the Cancer cells break out from the ducts or lobules and attack the surrounding tissue further raising the chances of the other organs getting affected
  • Non-invasive Breast Cancer – In this, the Cancer in its place of origin and haven’t spread outside but with time these type of cells too lead to develop invasive Breast Cancer.

Available Treatment to cure Breast Cancer

Many breast lumps may not be Cancerous but still any kind lump formation is felt, then it should be given immediate medical attention. There is span of treatment options available for Breast Cancer like Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, surgery and other options performed successfully by the Indian Oncologists, specifically by the best medical Oncologists in Gurgaon. India has answer to all types of Cancer, has the most modern techniques and therefore the medical tourists prefer Breast Cancer treatment in India.

What are the success with Chemotherapy?

Availing Breast Cancer treatment in India has become a very rewarding decision for the medical tourists because of the high success rates. A lot of merit goes to the Cancer specialists of India, specifically the best medical Oncologists in Bangalore for making this treatment successful in India. The chances of Chemotherapy being successful are very high in Indian Cancer hospitals owing to the progressive infrastructure associated with Breast Cancer. 

Best Medical Oncologist in Bangalore India - Dr. Vineet Gupta

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer: What is the Success Rate in India

Where to get cheapest treatment?

Cancer treatment is considered to be one of costliest cure and that is why availing Breast Cancer cure is not feasible for patients in every country. But Breast Cancer treatment in India, is still very economical, specifically cost of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer in Delhi and Bangalore is very reasonably priced. For example, the cost of Total Mastectomy in USA is $22,000 while in India it is $7,000. Similarly, the cost of Radical Mastectomy in USA is $20,000 but in India it can be availed for only $6,000.

Forerunners Healthcare: a trusted Medical Consultant in India

Forerunners Healthcare is a leading medical consultant in India, which is offering services that are making obtaining treatment in India for the international patients extremely lucrative. We have the best hospitals associated with us that have the most advanced Breast Cancer treatment, best Cancer surgeons, especially the best medical cancer specialist in Delhi, cost effective treatment in particular affordable cost of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer in India, very low waiting periods, individualized attention, superlative medical visa assistance and related facilities to make Breast Cancer treatment in India, totally fruitful.

How to come to India for Medical Treatment

There are lot of factors that the medical tourists need to consider before finalizing a treatment destination. One of the most crucial factors is getting the medical visa on time to receive the required treatment without any delay, especially in the matter of Cancer; any kind of delay can lead to worsening of the patient’s condition. India in this matter is very flexible and has a very simple medical visa process. The patients are provided supreme medical visa assistance and thus the international patients can avail timely Breast Cancer Treatment in India and get treated by the best Oncologists of India, particularly by the best medical Oncologists in India. If any one need Medical opinion for Brest Cancer, Please Contact Dr. Vineet Gupta at : [email protected] , OR You may call us at : +91-9371136499

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