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Chemical Fabrications: East Ghouta and Syria’s Missing Children

Posted on the 13 April 2015 by Arirusila @AriRusila

Chemical Fabrications: East Ghouta and Syria’s Missing ChildrenAri Rusila:

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Chemical Fabrications: East Ghouta and Syria’s Missing ChildrenOriginally posted on the real SyrianFreePress Network:

The dirty war on Syria has involved repeated scandals, often fabricated against the Syrian Government to help create pretexts for deeper intervention. Perhaps the most notorious was the East Ghouta incident of August 2013, where pictures of dead or drugged children were uploaded from an Islamist-held agricultural area east of Damascus, with the claim that the Syrian Government had used chemical weapons to murder hundreds of innocents. The incident generated such attention that direct US intervention was only averted by a Russian diplomatic initiative. The Syrian Government agreed to eliminate its entire stockpile of chemical weapons (Smith-Spark and Cohen 2013), maintaining that it had never used them in the recent conflict.

nerve-gas-attack-on-damascus-by terrorist-gangs

By Tim Anderson [GlobalResearch 12/4/2015]

Indeed, all the independence evident on the East Ghouta incident (including evidence from the US and the UN) shows that the Syrian Government was falsely accused.

This followed a series of other…

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