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Checkout the Topmost Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring the Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Moamen Enoo
Checkout the Topmost Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring the Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense strategy is crucial for your criminal prosecution because it helps you to find more about the prosecutor's plans. If prosecutor plans a story with defendant at the crime scene, defense attorney can easily plan out a better story that will show defendant at another location. The behavior of the criminal defendant will also change the planning of the prosecution.

Story based on truth

The main motive of the defense attorney is to present a story that involves truth and shows the defendant in the best light. If the story is depicted in better light, it will certainly lead to conviction on a much lesser charge, plea bargain or even a finding of not guilty.

Before proceeding ahead, you need to understand that both the criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor cannot use the same facts and prepare two entirely different stories. Both the attorneys can come up with their own stories but their stories must have the following characteristics:

  • They must have a truthful foundation of the evidences. They can be questioned at every point of the story and hence they have to be prepared for it.
  • The attorneys must be able to explain and prove that the events occurred in the story are the actual events.
  • Their story must have the ability to gain sympathy from the judge or the jury

A defendant's story usually has three categories including a confession story, admit and explain story and complete denial story. If a defendant decides to go with confession story, they will admit their crime to their attorney. A complete denial story means that they will deny all of the charges other party has imposed on them. Most of the denial stories involve an alibi.

The third category of story is to admit and explain. Such form of stories lies between the confession and complete denial story. While explaining this type of story they will admit that they have done the crime but their friend or a closed one ask them to do so.

Preparing for the court sessions

While choosing an attorney for your case, you must ask whether they will prepare you for the court sessions. Many attorneys coach their defendants in order to prepare them for any kind of situation. They will use several rounds of mock interviews in order to prepare you to commit the defense theory. They might ask you to visit the crime scenes with them in order to stimulate memories. You will be asked to write down your version of events to make sure your thoughts are clear.

Hence, you need to be careful while choosing the right lawyer for your case. Before proceeding ahead, you have to make sure that the attorney chosen has good ratings. You could ask for references from your friends, family or loved ones. If they have hired a lawyer in the past, they will be able to guide you better. Do not forget to go through the testimonials of these attorneys before making a final call.

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