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Charleston Church Shooting Had a Proven Racist Motive

Posted on the 18 June 2015 by Calvinthedog

Food4Thought writes:

How do we know this shooting is “racist?” What exactly is “racism?” Lastly, why is black on white crime not “racist”, and, if we don’t refer to those crimes specifically as “racist” whenever they occur, then should we be referring to the rare and occasional white on black crime as “racist” before we know anything about it?

Oh it was racist all right! He reloaded five times and while he was doing it one of the times, someone asked him to stop, and he said, “I have to do this. You rape our women and you are taking over our country.”

Also that church is very famous in civil rights terms.

Why is it racist when a White does it but not when a Black does it? Depends on the motivation. Most Black killings of Whites are probably motivated more by just general criminal motives as opposed to a racist motive against Whites. However, some Blacks do commit racist murders against Whites. The Washington DC snipers and the Black man who shot up the subway in New York are two excellent examples.

It’s not always a racist crime anytime a White kills a Black, but this case, just based on the initial facts of the case, appeared to have a clear racist motive. Now that we hear the statements he made in the shooting, this crime obviously had a racist motive.

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