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Charlaine Harris Tweets Her Reaction to True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Posted on the 29 June 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Charlaine HarrisFans of HBO‘s True Blood have been hitting the web to comment on the Season 4 premiere and so far the reviews have been great.  During the season premiere, which was titled ‘She’s Not There’Penguin Books USA live tweeted Charlaine Harris‘ reaction to the events and we have her reaction here for you.  As fans are no doubt aware Ms. Harris is the author of the Southern Vampires Mysteries series on which True Blood is based so it is interesting to get her perspective on the show.  Enjoy!

Sookie in the land of golden fruit. Have never been sure about the all-white outfits. Yes, Sook – fairy godmother! CH

Who expected Gary Cole? CH

And the credits. I’m always excited to see my name. The thrill is NEVER gone. Charlaine Harris

And the first episode is written by Alexander Woo! I love him! Talked to him at the premiere. CH

Aha! I knew it couldn’t all be white tutus and happiness! Charlaine Harris

That’s more like it! Charlaine Harris

Great balls o’ fire! Charlaine Harris

Hello, Bon Temps cemetery. Goodbye, Earl. Charlaine Harris

I’m so glad it’s clean now. I’ll bet you can guess who owns it, right? Charlaine Harris 

Ryan Kwanten + police uniform = happiness. Charlaine Harris 

Bill looks better than ever, huh? Charlaine Harris 

And Eric, too. Charlaine Harris 

Hmm. Who’s bossypants now? Charlaine Harris 

I’ll send Andy a plaque. I have a couple extra. Charlaine Harris 

Lafayette! Challenging hairdo! But fabulous, of course. Charlaine Harris 

Fiona Shaw = greatness. Charlaine Harris 

Way to convince Lafayette! Charlaine Harris 

I don’t think beheading dolls is so weird, right? Right? Charlaine Harris 

Rutina said there was a lot more to this scene. Damn. -Charlaine Harris 

That’s the way I make eggs, too.-Charlaine Harris 

Pam gives her all in this Public Vampire Announcement in a post-Edgington world.-Charlaine Harris 

Yeah, we get it, Eric. Bill’s a vampire AND a politician.- Charlaine Harris 

Tara shows her kinder, gentler side. -Charlaine Harris 

Oh, Jesus, that’s not all that makes Lafayette special. Really. -Charlaine Harris

I love Dale Raoul. Who else makes being a bad mom so delicious? – Charlaine Harris 

Don’t think being bff’s is in their future.-Charlaine Harris 

Just what Sam needs. A herd to hang with. So shapeshifters are always in shape? – Charlaine Harris 

Hmm. Dialogue glitch. In the south, “ice-box” is a refrigerator, not a freezer. But we don’t keep cops in them. -CH 

Aha! A plot point! And who’s surprised about Bill’s new job? -Charlaine Harris 

Somehow, I never have dreams like this. -Charlaine Harris 

Sounds like Charlaine enjoyed the episode!

Source:  Twitter.com – Penguin Books USA

Photo Credit:  HBO, Inc.

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