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Charged $0.20 for a Cup of Water, Black Woman Goes Postal About Slavery and Racism

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

In America, a privately-owned business can charge whatever it wants for its merchandise and services. The only arbiters are the free market’s supply and demand mechanisms.

If there is plentiful supply in the market, and a business charges more than what others charge, consumers — if they are rational — take their money elsewhere and the business eventually fails.

An obese black woman (below) comes into a convenience store and asks for a cup of water, for which she’s charged 20 cents.

ranting black woman

Note that neither the water nor the cup is free, because the store owner must pay for both.

Note also that, if she finds the 20 cents charge excessive, the woman can go elsewhere to another business that might give her a free cup of water.

But the woman, an Obama voter of course, goes postal and launches into a screaming tirade about slavery, how blacks haven’t been paid “reprobation” (she means “reparation”), how blacks had “built the pipes” below the ground that supply the water (!), and on and on, ad nauseum.

It turns out the store owners are also black, whose parents had immigrated from Africa and most certainly had never been slave owners. Nor is the ranting woman herself a slave.

Such is the arrogant entitlement mentality that generations of government welfare have wrought in America.

H/t Clash Daily


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