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Chanel Makes Casinos Fashionable with Couture Show

By Anshulika

Models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld as part of his Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 fashion show for French fashion house Chanel at the Grand Palais in ParisFor many people, the fashion of casinos is synonymous with the fashion of James Bond from Casino Royale. People dress to the nines to evoke the image of the high-roller, of someone who comes to casinos to have a good time and mingle with the upper crust, and therefore, people flock to casino gaming floors in tailored suits and evening gowns.

Over the past few years, however, this has ceased to be true, and the image of the high-fashion high-roller has seemed to fade. The growing congestion of the casino industry has made it so many casinos have eliminated the dress codes they once implemented. According to tourists on TripAdvisor, most casinos in Las Vegas nowadays have all but gotten rid of their dress codes, allowing patrons to go to the gaming halls dressed in shorts and a shirt, and sometimes even just their robes. This has resulted in casinos taking on a more casual air and atmosphere, losing their elegance and refinery.

Chanel show, Autumn Winter 2015, Haute Couture, Paris Fashion Week, France - 07 Jul 2015
Recently, however, we’ve seen casinos begin to try and take this back. While in the past, slot machines had used symbols like fruit and liberty bells and a simple system that would have patrons simply pulling a lever to spin the reels, Gala Casino’s themed games now use different high-end fashion elements, as seen in the Da Vinci’s Diamonds and She’s a Rich Girl games. Couple this with the introduction of Michelin-starred restaurants and fine dining to Macau’s casinos, and we’re seeing the world of the upper crust begin to return to casino gaming floors. Moreover, earlier this year, Chanel played a key part in restoring high fashion to casinos.

Head designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld decided to turn Chanel’s Fall 2015 Couture Show into a high stakes casino event, creating a casino setting for guests and models alike. Those who arrived were greeted by slot machines and roulette tables, which were all emblazoned with Chanel’s distinct iconography. Guests, which included actresses Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, and Julianne Moore, were also invited to place their bets in the casino. As for his inspiration, Lagerfeld said that, “I like that elegant moment of beautiful people going into a casino wearing jewelry. It’s like a fantasy. I like people when they‘re gambling and well dressed like in Monte Carlo.”

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