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Chanakya Neeti by Chanakya #BookReview #BlogchatterHalfMarathon #Books #BookChatter

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Chanakya Neeti With Complete Sutras from Grapevine comes at a very right time. The book carries a bundle of wisdom hailing from the age-old various shastras. Chanakya compiled the book originally by picking the most valuable pieces of wisdom from various Shastras keeping in mind some key disciplines of life like morality, ethics, governance, etc. Chanakya, as we all know, was a great thinker, leader, Mentor, educator, strategist, teacher, economist, philosopher, advisor, jurist, and diplomat. He is among the first initiators towards creating a united India. It was his dream to create a grand India that he assisted Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya in his rise to power. There are 570 sutras or learning from Chanakya in the second section of the book. The first section consists of Chanakya Neeti in 5 classifications. These 5 classifications are - The Individual, Society, Good Company, General Observations, and Miscellaneous.

Chanakya Neeti by Chanakya #BookReview #BlogchatterHalfMarathon #Books #BookChatter
The book Chanakya Neeti is not a one time read. Since it is a book of learning and wisdom, you can read it again and again in any sequence starting from any page. Every time you read it, it promises to give you a new piece of thought and learning. The book is important for anyone. There is learning for everyone in this book, for any age and any profession. Right from a student to a professional carrying ample experience and knowledge will get great learning to boost their professional and personal life. Like, one of the Chanakya Neeti says teaching a dunce pupil, associating with melancholic persons, or supporting a vile woman is a sure invitation to grief and pain. All three activities will be a sheer waste of energy, efforts, and fame. Another Neeti is a gem in terms of logic and knowledge.
Chanakya Neeti Is A Great Source Of Knowledge. In fact, this particular Chanakya Neeti says you need to be alone at the time of worship. Two people if study together progresses well. Three persons are important for singing. Four persons need to be there while going out. Five people together can work optimally in a field. Finally, in a war, you require many persons. Every Neeti and Sutra by Chanakya is directly applicable to life and therefore is a great source of learning for everyone. 

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