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CEO Ted Rollins' Ex Wife Is Living in Fear Over Reports About Child Sexual Abuse

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler
The ex wife of Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins says she is afraid for her safety because of reports about an investigation into possible child sexual abuse during their marriage.
She also expresses doubts that her son ever would achieve justice if he were to come forward and reveal what Ted Rollins did to him. (See videos at the end of this post.)
Sherry Rollins said she is afraid both of Ted Rollins and her son, who was the alleged victim in the North Carolina investigation but now has publicly come to his former stepfather's defense on several issues. Ms. Rollins has told Legal Schnauzer on multiple occasions that she believes the Rollins family supports her son's residential-construction business, perhaps as a way to keep him silent about the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of Ted Rollins.
The Rollins family, led by Ted's billionaire cousins Randall and Gary Rollins of Atlanta, is one of the wealthiest families in the United States. They own Rollins Inc. the umbrella company for Orkin Pest Control and other profitable enterprises. Ms. Rollins has presented evidence indicating Randall Rollins committed perjury during the discovery stage of her divorce from Ted Rollins.
Randall and Ted Rollins had formed a real-estate development company called St. James Capital LLC that reportedly was worth in excess of $34 million and appears to have been a precursor to Campus Crest Communities. Public records indicate Randall and Ted Rollins took curious steps to essentially make St. James Capital disappear, ensuring that it would not be equitably divided as a marital asset during the divorce. They also apparently took steps to understate Ted Rollins' wealth in the Alabama divorce case, greatly reducing his child-support payments and causing Sherry Rollins and her daughters, Sarah and Emma, to wind up on food stamps in Birmingham.
Is it possible that Sherry Rollins' fear includes members of the extended Rollins family, who keep billions of dollars flowing through the corporate, financial, legal, and political sectors? The answer to that question probably is yes.
In our first video below, Sherry Rollins and I discuss via telephone several matters related to apparent child sexual abuse during her marriage to Ted Rollins. She clearly is concerned about the repercussions, stating, "I don't know what they're going to do. I'm really afraid of them, and I'm not being a little whiny female--I'm really afraid of them."
Ms. Rollins also references the case of Daniel Acker Jr., a politically connected teacher in Shelby County, Alabama, who was investigated for the sexual abuse of several girls in the early 1990s. No action was taken against Acker at the time, and he continued to teach, until he finally confessed some 20 years later to having molested more than 20 girls.
"There's no justice for a person like Zac if he comes forward and says, 'Yeah, Ted Rollins did this to me; he did it to me once in Alabama. Nobody would care, other than you and me. . . .
"And in North Carolina, it will be the same way because (Ted's) so connected. If (Zac) were to walk up and say, "I was abused for years by this man, (Ted's) going to get by with it."
I do point out in the audio that, in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State, the environment might be changing. Sandusky and Daniel Acker Jr. got away with their crimes for years, but they finally were held accountable in 2012.
In the second video below, our phone discussion provides insight into how the issue of child sexual abuse likely had an impact on the Rollins v. Rollins divorce. Based on extensive research of the issues involved, I state the following: "I think--and I think you probably think this, too, based on what you've told me--that the Zac/Ted abuse issue is at the heart of all of this. It probably was a big reason you all got married, it's a reason your marriage broke up, it probably is the reason you got screwed in court because Ted didn't want to have to pay you and Zac. It's profoundly important."

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