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CEO Of ICANN Seems To Have Thrown Himself Into the Snowden/NSA Mess With Brazil

Posted on the 10 October 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to, Bhe President of Brazil,  Dilma Rousseff announced today that Brazil will  host a global summit on Internet governance in April 2014

The announcement was made after conferring the CEO of ICANN Fadi Chehade.

“We have decided that Brazil will host in April 2014 an international summit of governments, industry, civil society and academia” to discuss Brazil’s suggestions for upgrading Internet security, Rousseff said on Twitter”.

The summit will take place in Rio de Janeiro.

“Chehade heaped praise on Rousseff for using her UN General Assembly speech last month to demand measures to thwart the massive US cyber spying operation revealed by US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden:.

“She spoke for all of us on that day. ”

“She expressed the world’s interest to actually find out how we are going to all live together in this new digital age,” said Chehade.

“The trust in the global Internet has been punctured and now it’s time to restore this trust through leadership and institutions that can make that happen.” he went on to say according to the story.

Rousseff vowed to introduce a measure at the United Nations to establish an “international civilian framework” to protect the privacy of Internet users.


The CEO of ICANN, which is responsible for the domain naming system is now involving himself and ICANN in the debate of content on the Internet?

As if ICANN doesn’t have enough to deal with the new gTLD program.


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