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CD Review: The Vellas – Sweethearts and Counterparts

Posted on the 01 September 2016 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU
CD Review: The Vellas – Sweethearts and Counterparts

This is the second EP from Sheffield four piece The Vellas. The band find the right balance between rough and raw garage rock sounds and slick, fresh poppy tunes. As a result each track brings out a great gritty punk rock energy while also possessing some catchy sing-a-long choruses!

'Always' is a racing and raw garage rock tune. There is the right mix of rawness and catchy sing-a-long tunes all wrapped up with a fast paced and energetic guitar that blasts along. 'Lost and found (too much blood)' is a slower and more distorted tune. The track growls along with a sweet indie edge to it sounding like Swervedriver crossed with the Strokes.

'Lion sometimes' is a much darker and menacing affair, with the mix of deep low guitars and lively vocals sounding like something across between Joy Division and the Arctic Monkeys. 'Sertraline Dream' is the EP's ballad. Soft, melonhollic and heart felt the track brings out great emotion while retaining a placid chilled feeling. 'Nothing' on the other hand is the complete opposite. Here the band rock out heavy and hard to put out a rough and ready punk rock tune that races along with edgy pizzaz! The EP closes with the fast and furious sounds of 'Dog Waltz'. Racing by with a subtle hint of surfy rock in the background it ensures the EP finished with a massive blast!

This is a great EP that shows off a lot of promise. The band manage to take bits from the various forms of indie, garage, and punk rock and meld them into their very own energetic sound.

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