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Catching up on Season 3 with Rosie, Tess Alexandra Parker

Posted on the 29 May 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault
Catching up on Season 3 with Rosie, Tess Alexandra Parker

Tess Alexandra Parker

As we all know, in preparation for the premiere of True Blood Season 4, HBO has been airing Season 3; just to refresh our memory of what happened last season. This week they’ve been airing S3′s “Everything is Broken“. In that episode is a cast member that some might have missed, but to us die hard Trubies, she is know as Bon Temps Police Department’s very own Rosie, and is played by the lovely Tess Alexandra Parker. Over at the Inside True Blood Blog, Tess was asked a few questions by the blog’s author Gianna Sobel:

Gianna: Can you tell us a little bit about your True Blood character?

Tess: I play Rosie, Andy Bellefleur’s secretary at the local jail. It’s a perfect place for her to work because she is drawn to the bad boy type, and what better place to meet them than right before they’re thrown in a cell? So it was a surprise to fall in love with Kevin, the dutiful deputy. But the truth is once a girl gets over her asshole phase, she meets the man of her dreams and is able to let them in.

Gianna: How did you land the role of Rosie?

Tess: It’s my favorite audition story! I waited in a room full of twenty girls, who were mostly dressed in pencil skirts and cardigans due to the secretary description. But I was there with big hair and a red lace bra poking out, because I saw Rosie with Louisiana sass. I was one of the last girls to read, Alan Ball was in the room along with everyone else and although the audition scene was quite short, I got a genuine laugh from everyone. So I’m feeling good about it and I get in my car and drive home, which is like fifteen minutes from the lot, and before I get out of my car, I get a call from my manager that I got the part! Another cool thing was that when I first moved to Los Angeles, my acting teacher made us make a list of everyone we wanted to work with, and Alan Ball was first on my list! True story, I still have the list to prove it. So working with him and being a part of True Blood is literally a dream come true.

Gianna: Any fun or memorable moments from shooting this episode and revealing that Rosie had a secret romance with Kevin?

Tess: I cried for six hours and it was so much fun, when do you get to say that? There was a lot of snot that came out of me that I was not expecting, but I just went with it. Wailing he’s the only man I ever loved never got old and the reaction that Andy and Jason have is so great because you get the sense that they are a family and they care about Rosie. I also actually bruised my forehead because at the end of each take, I would bang my forehead on the table out of desperation for losing Kevin, and I didn’t notice I was hurting myself. I’m not usually that method.

Gianna: Team Eric or Team Bill?

Tess: If you’re making me pick, it’s Team Eric. I always like the more complicated path.

source: inside-true-blood-blog.com

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