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Catalan Independence and the Rest of Spain

By Stizzard

Catalan independence and Spain

In the north east of Spain lies the region of Catalonia, a lush area full of culture, industry, intellectuals and home to Barcelona FC. There has been a debate going on for years in Catalonia about whether Catalonia is a country or not and just lately this has been fuelled by referendums such as those held in the quaint little town of Arenys de Munt which is not too far from the Catalan capital of Barcelona.

Below is a documentary video which sums up the Catalan plight to break free from Spain and govern themselves. There are some interesting comments from English/Catalan writer Matthew Tree and historian Paul Preston on the issue of independence and what the rest of Spain think about it.

You’ll see political figures including  ex Spanish president José María Aznar voice their opinions about Catalonia and if the region should be allowed to break free. You’ll hear Spanish people from the heart of Spain, Madrid give their opinions, too. Even Real Madrid fans have an opinion regarding Barcelona and its fans.

Catalan independence and language issues

Carod Rovira also appears in the documentary, although his opinions lack weight and uses Great Britain as an example to why Catalonia should be allowed to rule themselves. There are also mixed opinions about how much Catalonia contributes to the Spanish coffers.

The language and schooling issues pop up as well with one politician saying that if they only speak Catalan then there is little chance of a Catalan getting work outside the region and Matthew Tree rebuffs this argument.

You’ll also see why the spanish call the Catalans “Polacos” or “Poles” and get an insight into Catalan history. The documentary also brings out the Catalans passion for football and their use of Barcelona FC as a national side as it were.

Will Spain be allowed to to broken up into smaller states like other Eastern block countries? Is Spain heading for another civil war over the issue of independence? Watch the video documentary below and feel free to comment on it.

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