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Casteism: The Dirty and Dark Little Secret of US Indians

Posted on the 24 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

AB writes:

The reason why people get upset when you ask them about their caste is the same if a white man came to my country and I asked him about white supremacy. If you’re a modern white American who’s struggled against AA, haven’t been racist and someone confronts you about race relations – you’re going to rightly think it’s odd. Most Indians who go abroad are high caste, not because high caste Indians have it better like you think, but because they are discriminated against here thanks to “social justice” programs. They have more incentives to emigrate to a foreign land. I know plenty of non-high caste migrants who went to the US. I lived there for a wee bit.

You cannot possibly conflate White Supremacy in the US with Indian Casteism. Especially since the mid-1960’s, there is absolutely no comparison at all. It is like you are comparing two different planets. Yes there is racism, bigotry and discrimination all over the world, but Indian casteism is in a class of evil all by itself, down there with Tibetan feudalism, slavery in the Sahel, South African apartheid and Zionism. And actually it is a lot worse than the latter two. This is the typical attempt by high caste Indians to minimize casteism by saying, “Well there is racism all over the world. There is White supremacy in the US, for instance.” Sure, but it’s not the same thing.

We also an attempt here by this high caste Indian to claim that the main problem of caste discrimination nowadays is Affirmative Action and reservations for lower caste Indians. This is simply pitiful. It reminds one of the White nationalists of the US whining about how Whites are the most discriminated race in the US now. Or Jews, sitting on top of the world’s money pile, wringing their hands about the horrors of antisemitism while they frolic about in their Jewish palatial estates. Oh poor ruling class babies! You getting a little nervous in your mansions? Good!

There’s way more to American Indians reluctance to discuss caste it than that and the commenter knows this well. You can tell when you bring up the matter of caste with a high-caste Indian in the way he responds or doesn’t respond that you are delving into something that is so deep it is almost diabolical. It was as if I was inquiring into some deep and possibly evil secret matter.

Some high caste Indians, when I asked them about caste, didn’t want to discuss it all that much, but many of them got this almost evil gleam in their eyes as if I was delving into some very dirty and very awful secret. It was as if they knew full well that casteism was evil as Hell, but they didn’t care because they were benefiting from it. Their smiles were almost Satanic. These are people who are benefiting from evil, so in a sense, their religion is getting close to Satanism. And I do think that Hinduism is Satanic.

I don’t ask people what their caste is. I am not that stupid. I simply brought up caste. For instance, with Gujaratis, I mentioned that Gujaratis were merchant caste. Actually, I saw those diabolical smiles most often from those merchant caste Gujaratis. I do not know what it is with their caste or casteism over there, but there is something terribly wrong with Gujaratis in my country. We have a few of them in my town and they are pretty awful. The Sikhs act much better.

The Gujaratis keep very much to themselves, are obviously seriously Hindu religiously, and refuse to speak with non-Indian Americans. They’re assholes. Also they have a profoundly uppity air of superiority about them that makes them very unpleasant to be around. They also seem to be very much into money, which is rather sickening. Some of the women are beautiful, but they are hopeless as they won’t even speak to American men. The men are rather nerdy for some reason, at least as compared with hypermasculine Sikh men. I dislike the Gujaratis in my town. Lousy people.

I had a physician, and I mentioned his name and said something like his people came from some caste in Andra Pradesh. I didn’t even mention the caste, and it might not have even be a high one (actually I think it was some middle caste). He cut off the conversation abruptly right there and ended the consultation. Later I mentioned something about “coming from Andra Pradesh” and once again he cut me off very rudely.

I have another physician who is a Sikh. I have not discussed caste with him other than to say the Sikhs are sort of lousy because they practice caste when their religion forbids it. he had the identical reaction of all the rest of the Indians. He got this evil little smile on his face and he shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal. I have brought up this matter with many Sikhs in the US. I said Sikhism forbids casteism but all Sikhs practice caste.

They acted like “so what” and shrugged their shoulders. In other words, almost every Sikh in the US who I brought up caste with defended the system to the hilt, did not want to get rid of it, and did not care that Sikhs were  hypocrites in practicing caste while their religion forbid it. Obviously, almost 100% of US Sikhs are probably high caste Sikhs. I believe these are called Jats.

I have met some anti-caste Indians on this site, but before that, I had met quite a few Indians on the Net. Most of them were high caste and quite a few were Brahmins. Every one of these Brahmins defended casteism to the ultimate. They acted like they would only give it up over their dead bodies.

Nobody wants to get rid of a system that is benefiting them. I see comments  on here that casteism is dead in India and there is no benefit to being a Brahmin, but if  this is so, then why do most Brahmins act like they will defend the caste system with their very lives? Something here rings very false.

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