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Casey Affleck Brought a Cop on Kimmel He Met After His Car Accident, Hmm

Posted on the 22 June 2017 by Sumithardia

Casey Affleck kind of went away after his successful Oscar campaign, which I think is usually a pretty good strategy for those who court the Oscar. By the time it’s given to them they’ve reached oversaturation. Not gonna lie, I haven’t missed him. But Casey has a new film with Rooney Mara coming out next month called A Ghost Story that’s been roundly praised. You can watch the trailer here and I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. Kesha plays a character in it.
Anyway, Casey went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to do promotion. However, when it came to his “amusing antidote” portion of the interview, Casey went in an odd direction (I realize the “odd” seems to follow Casey like an odor). At the end of his segment he mentioned he’d been in his first car accident ever and he introduced the responding officer, whom he had brought to the show with him.
“A couple days ago I was in a car accident—the first car accident I’ve ever been in my life,” the Oscar winner divulged to Jimmy Kimmel. “Officer Bivens showed up there. He responded. He was amazing. He took care of the situation.”
In fact, Bivens was sitting right there in the studio audience. “I thought it would be nice to have him along,” Affleck explained. “He makes me feel comfortable now in scary situations…When he’s there, I know everything’s ok.
While they are clearly pals now, the policeman didn’t exactly know who the actor was when they initially met. “At first I knew it was somebody who was famous, but I couldn’t put my finger on it,”  Bivens admitted. “I had to google him later and I thought, ‘Holy mackerel—this guy’s really famous.”
The admission may have landed the officer in some hot water with the star. “We’re not going anywhere else together now,” Affleck quipped.
[From E!]
Officer Bivens saved the bit by admitting that he had no idea who Casey was until he went home to Google him. But I wonder, why did Casey bring him? Sure celebs bring people like their folks, kids or someone relevant to them or their movie along to chat shows. Maybe, because Casey’s character dies (not a spoiler) in a car accident in A Ghost Story, he thought the car accident tie-in would make this charming? Plus, I am at a wont for information – who else was in the accident? Were they hurt? Or was this between Casey and a tree? He said Officer Bivens, “took care of the situation,” what needed to be taken care of? I don’t care that much about his non-injury accident but why cut and run?
I’m sure Officer Bivens is a very nice man and would never doing anything appalling at a routine traffic stop but given the recent reminder of how police “take care of the situation” when you aren’t white, was this Casey’s best decision? Especially considering he’s not that far from controversy himself.

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Source: celebitchy.com

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